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My Favorite Movie Scene

Here is a fun activity for kids! Let them think about their favorite movie and make a plan to recreate their favorite movie scene.

All About My Favorite Movie Scene

This five-page printable includes:

  1. Cover
  2. About my favorite movie
  3. About my favorite movie scene
  4. Storyboard
  5. Tickets/invitations to “My Favorite Movie Scene”

All About My Favorite Movie (Page 1)

What you can record:

  • My favorite movie
  • Director
  • Genre
  • Setting
  • Time 
  • Place
  • Main character
  • Other characters

All About My Favorite Movie (Page 2)

  • My favorite movie scene
  • Location
  • Run time
  • Sound effects/music
  • Props
  • Brainstorm the title (at the beginning of the scene)
  • Credits (at the end of the scene)

All About My Favorite Movie (Page 3)

  • A storyboard, with space to display in sequence up to six scenes 
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All About My Favorite Movie (Page 4)

  • Eight tickets/invitations to a “My Favorite Movie Scene” event/party
    • Name
    • Date
    • Time

How I Would Use the “My Favorite Movie Scene” Printable

I remember getting into the movie Finding Nemo with my son when he was about four (back in 2006). We learned all the words to every song on the soundtrack and watched the movie MANY, MANY times!  We also watched the movie Cars MANY, MANY times. My son could recite so many lines from that movie. Especially the part where the truck says “I ain't no Mack. I'm a Peterbuilt for Christ's sake.”

Click here to download this printable.

People Also Ask:

What is the best movie scene?

Here are some of the Greatest Movie Scenes Of All Time

  • Red Sea Parting
  • First Conversation Between Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling
  • The Bike Chase Escape
  • Carol Anne's One-on-one Interaction With Ghosts
  • Spaghetti Kiss
  • Shower Scene
  • Winning Hand After Hand
  • Jack's Death in Bone-chilling Water

How do you describe the best scene in a movie?

The best scene in a movie can vary greatly depending on personal taste, but it often captures the viewer's attention and evokes strong emotions. It may be visually stunning, emotionally charged, suspenseful, or have a surprising twist. A great movie scene can stay with you long after the movie ends and become a memorable moment in cinematic history.

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How do I talk about my favorite movie?

Talking about your favorite movie can be a fun and engaging experience. To help you discuss your favorite movie, start by introducing the movie and providing some background information, such as the director, actors, and plot.

Explain why you enjoy the movie and what makes it special to you. Share some of your favorite scenes or moments from the movie and explain why they stand out to you. Encourage others to watch the movie and share their own thoughts and opinions.

What is an example of a scene in a movie?

An example of a scene in a movie is the opening sequence of the film “The Dark Knight.” In this scene, a group of criminals wearing clown masks rob a bank in Gotham City. The scene is filled with tension, action, and a surprise twist at the end.

It not only establishes the tone and setting of the movie but also introduces the character of the Joker and sets up his role as the main antagonist. This scene is often cited as one of the best examples of filmmaking and is a memorable moment in cinematic history.

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How to Find Great Movie Scenes:




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