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10 Wacky Minion Gifts

Are you looking for Minion gifts in conjunction with the release of new Minions movies? I've created a list of 10 items at every price point. Hand-curated by me.

My eight-year-old loves the Despicable Me movie series. She says the Minions are funny. Who can help but to laugh at their language, which I've read is a combination of English, Spanish, and French?

All of the characters in the movie are great, but the Minions truly stole the show. So much so that they ended up with their own movie.

The Despicable Me films are about a supervillain who adopts three girls from an orphanage. The supervillain's rival steals one of the world's great wonders. When he learns of the heist, he plans an even greater heist: to shrink and steal something from the Earth.

However, despite villainous intentions, the supervillain grows increasingly touched by the girls' growing love for him and find himself changing for the better because of it.

The Minions are a numerous group of yellow creatures that appear in the Despicable Me franchise and are characterized by their unique language and childlike behavior.

There are two sequels in the Despicable Me series and a prequel (Minions).

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In addition to this Full List of all of the Minions Movies and Despicable Me movies, there are lots of great gifts you can give the Despicable Me lover or Minions lover in your life.

Best Minion Gifts

1. Minions Poster – Everyone loves starry night oil painting, and this is a reproduction print of our original oil painting of Van Gogh Starry Night-inspired artwork, which was designed and created by our artists from Uhomate.

2. Minions Pouch – This yellow happy minion pouch is a perfect gift for college students, teens, office workers, friends, family, and housewarming. Useful as a small makeup bag, cosmetics bag, cardholder, coin holder, travel pouch, or small clutch, etc.

3. Minions Plush – What an adorable plush one-eyed minion toy collection. These are so colorful and fun! They look evokes a smile and gives a good mood 🙂

4. Minions Shirt – Everyone in the family will want one of these personalized t-shirts.

5. Minions Towel – Kids love these hooded character towels! Character face is embroidered on the hood and each item can be personalized with the child's name down the side of the towel. These are perfect for bath time or to take to the pool or beach.

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6. Minions Shoes – Lovely and cute Despicable Me / Minions Converse shoes are the best gift idea for boys or girls.

7. Minions Dolls – What cute wooden, hand-painted, and custom-made nesting Minion dolls. These are made with love and decorate your home with dignity. 

8. Minions Storage Basket – This yellow and blue handmade basket can be a great part of the kid’s room and minion décor. 

9. Minions Nail Decals – These Minions nail decals are very pretty, bright stickers with unique designs.

10. Minions Tote Bag – Carry all those necessities for your special trip, back to School, Gymnastics, ballet, dance, cheerleader, soccer, piano lessons, sleepovers etc. with this cute Minion Tote bag.

Despicable Me Books | Minions Books

Did you know that there are multiple series of Despicable Me Books and Minions Books?

Despicable Me

Six books have been released for Despicable Me 2:

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Which Minion gifts are you looking for this year?

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