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Best Movies Set in Mississippi

Every state is known for something. As you work your way through the list, don’t miss the best movies set in Mississippi. While you're at it, check the Best Books Set in Mississippi, too.

Mississippi is a southern U.S. state with the Mississippi River to its west, the state of Alabama to its east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Its Mississippi Delta region is considered the birthplace of blues music, honored at the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale.

Also in the region is the Vicksburg National Military Park, preserving the site of a critical Civil War battle.

What themes are in Movies Set in Mississippi?

Movies set in Mississippi often dive into themes like race and civil rights, given the state's turbulent history. They also explore the richness of Southern culture and family ties, often against the backdrop of poverty and inequality. Music, particularly the blues, is a big deal here, and you'll often find it woven into the narrative, showcasing the state's deep musical heritage.

How to create a unit study for Mississippi

Creating a unit study for Mississippi can be a engaging and educational way to explore the state's history, culture, geography, and more. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a unit study focused on Mississippi:

  1. Define Your Objectives:
    • Determine the age or grade level of the students who will be participating in the unit study.
    • Set clear learning objectives. What do you want students to know and understand about Mississippi by the end of the study?
  2. Choose Topics and Subjects:
    • Select specific topics or subjects related to Mississippi that you want to cover. These can include history, geography, culture, famous figures, flora and fauna, and more.
  3. Gather Resources:
    • Collect books, documentaries, websites, and other resources that provide information about Mississippi. Consider both print and online sources.
  4. Create Lesson Plans:
    • Plan individual lessons or activities for each chosen topic. Make sure to include a mix of reading, hands-on activities, and discussions.
    • For example, you could have a lesson on the history of the Mississippi River, a cooking activity to make traditional Southern dishes, and a discussion on civil rights and the state's role in the movement.
  5. Field Trips and Hands-On Activities:
    • If possible, plan field trips to locations in Mississippi that are relevant to your unit study, such as historical sites or museums.
    • Incorporate hands-on activities like art projects, cooking traditional Mississippi recipes, or conducting experiments related to the state's geography and natural resources.
  6. Assessments:
    • Determine how you will assess student learning. This could include quizzes, projects, presentations, or research papers.
    • Use rubrics or grading criteria to ensure fair and consistent evaluation.
  7. Engage with Local Experts:
    • If possible, invite guest speakers or experts from Mississippi to share their knowledge with the students. This can provide valuable insights and real-life experiences.
  8. Culminating Activity:
    • Plan a culminating activity to wrap up the unit study. This could be a final project, presentation, or a visit to a Mississippi-themed event or restaurant.
  9. Reflect and Revise:
    • After completing the unit study, reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Use this feedback to refine the curriculum for future use.
  10. Share and Celebrate:
  • Encourage students to share what they've learned with their peers or families. Consider a showcase or presentation to celebrate their achievements.
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Best Movies Set in Mississippi

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson (Actors)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Year: 2001

A mysterious lawman tracks three escaped convicts (George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson) searching for buried treasure in 1930s Mississippi.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Burl Ives (Actors)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Year: 1958

As the family of a wealthy Southern patriarch informs his children that he is dying of cancer, lies and secrets surface that threaten to rip the family apart.

The Help
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain (Actors)

The Help

Year: 2011

In 1960s Mississippi, Southern society girl Skeeter turns her small town on its ear when she interviews the black women who have spent their lives taking care of prominent white families.

The Blind Side
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron (Actors)

The Blind Side

Year: 2009

Oscar-winners Sandra Bullock and Kathy Bates, and country singing star Tim McGraw headline this deeply moving adaptation of the Michael Lewis bestselling book.

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Django Unchained

Year: 2012

A freed slave (Jamie Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife from the hands of a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) with the help of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) in this Quentin Tarantino film.

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