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Jesus Movies on Netflix

You've found this post because you're wondering if there are any Jesus movies on Netflix. Luckily, we have the answer for you!

Where to stream THE CHOSEN (2019): Netflix

Are you in need of another Christian movie on Netflix to add to your queue? Let us point you in the right direction.

You've found this post because you're wondering if the are any movies about Jesus on Netflix.

Unfortunately, there are not. However, there is a series about Jesus available.

The Chosen

“The Chosen” is a television series that depicts the life of Jesus Christ and the people who crossed paths with Him. It explores the relationships, struggles, and transformative experiences of various individuals who were part of Jesus' journey.

The series aims to provide a unique perspective on familiar biblical stories, focusing on the human aspects of the characters and their interactions with Jesus. “The Chosen” has gained popularity for its character-driven narrative and portrayal of the cultural and historical context surrounding the life of Jesus.

“The Chosen” TV series is not directly based on a book. Instead, it is created and directed by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. The series is developed as a multi-season show that aims to explore the life of Jesus and the people around Him in a more in-depth and character-driven manner.

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While the series draws inspiration from the Bible, like these Bible Documentaries on Netflix, it is not a direct adaptation of a specific book but rather an original production that aims to provide a fresh perspective on familiar biblical stories.

There is one season and eight episodes.

Movies about Jesus

Movies about Jesus often explore a variety of themes, including:

  1. The nature of God and Jesus' divinity. These films often ask questions about Jesus' relationship to God, his role in the world, and the nature of his divinity.
  2. The meaning of Jesus' life and death. Movies about Jesus often explore the meaning of his life, death, and resurrection, and how these events can impact our own lives.
  3. The power of love and forgiveness. Jesus' teachings on love and forgiveness are often central themes in movies about him. These films often show how these concepts can transform people's lives and bring about redemption.
  4. The struggle between good and evil. Movies about Jesus often explore the battle between good and evil, and how Jesus' life and death represent a victory for good.
  5. The importance of faith. Faith is a central theme in many movies about Jesus. These films often show how faith can help people overcome challenges and find hope in difficult times.
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In addition to these common themes, movies about Jesus can also explore a variety of other topics, such as social justice, the role of women in religion, and the relationship between faith and science.

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