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10 Music Documentaries About Women on Netflix

There's something incredibly satisfying about seeing how some of our favorite music is created. And now, even more, are focusing on the women who have contributed to the music industry but whose stories have often gone untold — or, at least, not on their own terms.

Here are some of the Music Documentaries About Women on Netflix, ranging from Madonna to Taylor Swift to Beyoncé.

Documentaries About Women in Music on Netflix

According to Clash Music, a music documentary is:

The fundamental things that create a good music documentary are interesting characters, the social and cultural climate in which the story is set, what the music did beyond selling lots of records and the impact it had on its listeners.

Out of the 10 categories and sub-categories of music documentaries on Netflix, it was a struggle to find 10 about women.

Check out these 10 powerful documentaries about strong and successful women in the music industry.

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1. Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé

This intimate, in-depth look at Beyoncé's celebrated 2018 Coachella performance reveals the emotional road from a creative concept to a cultural movement. | Watch on Netflix

2. Gaga: Five Foot Two

Follow pop provocateur Lady Gaga as she releases a new album, preps for her Super Bowl halftime show, and confronts physical and emotional struggles. | Watch on Netflix

3. Miss Americana

In this revealing documentary, Taylor Swift embraces her role as a songwriter and performer — and as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice.| Watch on Netflix

4. Hip-Hop Evolution

Hip-hop music first developed in the United States in the 1970s and has steadily grown in popularity in the decades since then. This docuseries traces the genre’s dynamic evolution from the beginning through the 1990s. It starts with a look at artists including MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Lil Kim| Watch on Netflix

5. Roxanne Roxanne

She grew up in a tough New York neighborhood in the '80s and made history with “Roxanne's Revenge.” The story of teen battle rap champ Roxanne Shanté. … In this kinetic biopic, New York teenager Roxanne Shante battles her way to hip-hop greatness in the 1980s. | Watch on Netflix



7. Angèle

Belgian pop star Angèle reflects on her life and hopes as she finds balance amid the fears, joys, and loneliness of fame.| Watch on Netflix

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8. Barbra: The Music … The Memories … The Magic!

Iconic songstress Barbra Streisand culminates her 13-city tour in Miami with dazzling ballads, Broadway standards, and stories from behind the scenes. | Watch on Netflix

9. Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You

Ariana Grande takes the stage in London for her Sweetener World Tour and shares a behind-the-scenes look at her life in rehearsal and on the road.| Watch on Netflix

10. Dolly Parton: A Musicares Tribute

In a star-studded evening of music and memories, a community of iconic performers honors Dolly Parton as the MusiCares Person of the Year. | Watch on Netflix

Rockumentaries About Women on Netflix

A rockumentary is a documentary about rock music or its musicians. The word rockumentary is a combination (a portmanteau word) of the words “rock” and “documentary.”

Taylor Swift: Reputation

Taylor Swift takes the stage in Dallas for the “Reputation” Stadium Tour and celebrates a monumental night of music, memories, and visual magic. She's a 10-time Grammy winner, and now Swift's reputation Stadium Tour is the highest-grossing U.S. tour in history. | Watch on Netflix


Britney vs Spears

Anitta: Made In Honório

In this intimate documentary, Brazilian pop queen Anitta opens up about fame, family and her fierce work ethic, revealing the woman behind the hits. | Watch on Netflix

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