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New on BritBox – January

January is here, and with it comes a fresh slate of captivating British shows and films on BritBox! This month, we're diving into the latest offerings from our favorite streaming platform dedicated to all things British entertainment. Whether you're a fan of classic mysteries, riveting dramas, or quintessential British comedies, there's something new for you to discover.

So, grab your cup of tea, settle into your coziest armchair, and get ready to explore the new shows coming to BritBox this January. Let's usher in the new year with some quality binge-watching!

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What type of content does BritBox typically release in January?

In January, BritBox typically releases a diverse array of British content, including new seasons of popular series, timeless classics, and exclusive premieres. Subscribers can expect a mix of dramas, comedies, mysteries, and themed collections, providing a well-rounded streaming experience. BritBox's curated selection often caters to various tastes, offering both nostalgic favorites and fresh releases. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on BritBox's January releases, it's advisable to check the platform directly or refer to official announcements and press releases.

What is BritBox known for?

BritBox is renowned for offering a vast library of classic and current British television content. Specializing in timeless British TV classics, the platform provides access to exclusive premieres, curated collections, and recent shows. With a focus on British programming, BritBox stands out as a go-to streaming service for enthusiasts of high-quality and diverse British television.

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Why does the BritBox catalog change?

The BritBox catalog changes due to licensing agreements, content availability, and strategic programming decisions. Rotating content allows the platform to refresh its library, ensuring a dynamic and diverse streaming experience. New additions, exclusives, and removals cater to viewer preferences and maintain BritBox's commitment to offering a curated selection of British television content.

Why does BritBox remove titles?

BritBox removes titles for several reasons, including the expiration of licensing agreements, contractual obligations, and content availability. As licensing deals change over time, certain titles may be removed to make way for new additions or due to factors beyond BritBox's control. This dynamic approach allows the platform to refresh its catalog, ensuring a curated selection of British content and providing subscribers with a varied and engaging streaming experience.

New Shows Coming to BritBox This Month

January 4


January 5

Love Sarah

January 9

Death in Paradise: Christmas Special

January 16

Father Brown – Season 11

Ghosts – Season 4

January 19


January 25


January 26


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Are there any unique titles that are only available on this platform?

BritBox offers many exclusive titles that you can't find on other streaming platforms. For example, the crime drama series based on the best-selling books by award-winning writer Ann Cleeves is a fan-favorite that's unique to BritBox. Additionally, BritBox's Cooking Collection features some of the best British cooking shows with your favorite celebrity chefs and high-stakes competitions. Lastly, BritBox also has special festive editions of popular series for their viewers to enjoy during the holiday season. So, if you're a fan of British TV, BritBox is a great platform to explore!

Any unique content clusters on Britbox?

BritBox offers several unique content clusters that set it apart from other streaming platforms. For instance, BritBox is home to a number of classic British shows and films dating back to the 1950s and 1980s. In terms of movie series to binge, BritBox offers classic British mystery series. Another unique content cluster on BritBox is mystery series. So, if you're looking for unique content clusters and a taste of classic British entertainment, BritBox certainly has a lot to offer.

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What are the media and critics excited about seeing?

In January 2024, BritBox is set to premiere a number of exciting titles that have caught the attention of both media and critics.

One of the highlights is every episode of the legal drama “Judge John Deed,” which stars Martin Shaw. This series follows a high-court judge who tries to seek real justice in the courtroom. Another anticipated title is the crime drama “Wallander.” This series is based on the Swedish detective novels by Henning Mankell and has been praised for its gripping narrative and compelling performances (source).

BritBox will also be premiering a thrilling new drama called “After the Flood.” The six-part mystery drama has already generated considerable buzz and is set to premiere on ITV1, ITVX, and BritBox later in 2024 (source).

Additionally, fans can look forward to the second season of Irvine Welsh's gritty crime thriller “Crime.” This eagerly awaited season is set to kick off the new year with a bang (source).

Finally, BritBox viewers can enjoy new seasons of fan favorites like “Father Brown” and “Ghosts” (source).

What are fan favorites?

Fan favorites on BritBox cover a wide range of genres, from mystery dramas to classic British sitcoms. Some of the most popular shows include:

  1. Poirot” – This series features David Suchet as the famous detective Hercule Poirot and is exclusively available on BritBox.
  2. Vera” – A highly rated crime drama series based on the novels by Ann Cleeves.
  3. Midsomer Murders” – A long-running British crime drama that has captivated audiences for over two decades.
  4. Doctor Foster” – A gripping drama that explores the repercussions of betrayal.
  5. Sherwood” – An edgy, modern take on the Robin Hood legend.
  6. Shakespeare and Hathaway” – A light-hearted crime drama set in the birthplace of Shakespeare.
  7. Death in Paradise” – A detective series set in the Caribbean, offering a unique blend of murder mystery and tropical charm.
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These are just some of the fan favorites on BritBox, and there's plenty more content to discover on the platform.

How to add titles to your watchlist?

To add titles to your watchlist on BritBox, log in to your account on the official website or app. Browse or search for the desired title, then look for an option like “Add to Watchlist” or a plus icon. Click or tap on this option to add the title to your watchlist. On smart TVs or streaming devices, use the remote to navigate, select the title, and follow on-screen prompts. Keep in mind that interface details may vary, so consult BritBox's help section for the latest instructions.

Yes, there is a section in the BritBox app where you can see new releases. The “New to BritBox” category showcases the latest additions to their collection, including both movies and TV shows. Additionally, there is a “Coming Soon” section that provides information about upcoming originals, premieres, and exclusives that will be available on BritBox in the near future. This feature allows subscribers to stay updated on the latest content and plan their viewing accordingly. Remember to regularly check these sections as BritBox frequently updates its content library.

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