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Accessories That Will Make You Feel Like Indiana Jones

Who doesn’t love the character of Indiana Jones? Smart, rugged, and quick-witted, this professor gone rogue is larger than life. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until Halloween or fly off to ancient territories to feel like this character.

Accessories That Will Make You Feel Like Indiana Jones

We’ve compiled a few genuinely useful accessories that will also make you feel like Indiana Jones! Read on to make your wardrobe reflect your favorite whip-cracking archaeologist.


The Iconic Fedora Hat

Nothing says Indiana Jones quite like a worn, stylish fedora. This essential accessory is a great fashion statement and serves the practical function of protecting you from the sun.

You can wear your fedora with your outdoor gear or your best suit—it’s a versatile accessory that’s back in style and ready to elevate your outfits with the charisma of Indy himself.

A Durable Leather Jacket

Indiana Jones is famous for his brown leather jacket, and you can easily get your hands on one as well. This piece of apparel is en vogue and a particularly nice layer to have for cold weather.

Plus, if you buy a real leather version, the jacket will hold up for many, many years with proper care.

By investing in a leather jacket, you’re investing in a timeless, high-quality item that will accompany you through the streets like Indy’s did through the jungle.

Rugged, Reliable Boots

The foundation of any adventurer is a pair of rugged, reliable boots. This footwear is one of the most stylish and simultaneously practical things you can add to your closet.

A durable pair of boots will provide you with years of comfort for outdoor activities and casual events alike. If they worked for Indy, they’ll certainly work for you!

A Trusty Outdoor Knife

Indy always had the right tools for the job, and no adventurer’s gear is complete without a trusty outdoor knife. While you might not be cutting through jungles or fending off treasure hunters, you can use a knife when camping or doing any sort of outdoor activity.

Whether you’re trimming a rope to set up camp, slicing fruit, or whittling sticks, a durable, sharp knife with a comfortable grip is a must-have. If you really want to embrace the spirit of Indiana Jones, learn knife techniques that help in survival situations—it never hurts to be prepared!

You don’t have to venture off to foreign lands and face perils to adopt the spirit of an adventurer. With these accessories that will make you feel like Indiana Jones, you can literally step into the boots of someone larger than life.

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