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Hats in the Movies That Are Still Famous Today

Today’s biggest stars are more likely to wear superhero helmets onscreen than proper hats, but you can still identify some of the most iconic characters of the cinema by their headgear. Any movie buff can identify the hats in the movies that are still famous today—and arguably, they’re even more recognizable than the actors who wore them.

It’s rare to see hats in more recent films, but they haven’t disappeared. In 2019’s The Gentlemen, Colin Farrell managed to be the star of an A-list ensemble by topping off his plaid tracksuit with a brown fedora.

In Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda chose costumes with symbolic resonance: George Washington’s tricorn hat made him look even taller and more authoritative; King George looked uncomfortable—and a little crazy—under the weight of his formal crown; Hercules Mulligan’s anachronistic beanie signaled that the musical’s message is still relevant in our era.

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Which ones will join this list of famous hats? It depends on who gets to tell the story.

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Jake and Elwood’s Fedoras (The Blues Brothers)

If they were meant to make the protagonists look like gentlemen—or, for that matter, brothers—these hats failed. But they succeeded as motifs for the team’s unique brand of chaotic cool.

Doughboy’s Detroit Tigers Cap (Boyz n the Hood)

Hip-hop fashion heavily influenced this film’s costuming, and Ice Cube’s on-trend character was never without his Detroit Tigers baseball cap. In real life, Ice Cube prefers the Raiders or the White Sox.

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Crocodile Dundee’s Akubra (Crocodile Dundee)

Australia’s Paul Hogan may be forgotten, but his hat won’t be. Crafted by the Akubra company, the hat shielded Dundee from the Outback sun in style. The crocodile band led to demand for exotic-skinned hats in all textures and colors.

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Dr. Zhivago’s Cossack (Dr. Zhivago)

Omar Sharif’s lovesick character may have felt hot passion for the forbidden Lara, but some critics just recall the classic as “four hours of fur hat.”

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Alex’s Bowler (A Clockwork Orange)

Malcolm McDowell’s portrayal of a sadistic thug gave bowler hats a lot of free publicity—just not the kind that would make anyone want to wear one.

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Indiana Jones’s Fedora (The Indiana Jones franchise)

Of all the hats in the movies that are still famous today, this one is the sharpest. The Indiana Jones franchise, which remains at the top of the Netflix charts, has gifted men with a Halloween costume that still allows them to hold onto their dignity.

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People Also Ask:

What is the most iconic hat?

Here are some of the most legendary and famous hats you've seen in the movies and their modern equivalents that you can wear now.
  • Indiana Jones' Famous Fedora Hat. …
  • Walter White's Pork Pie Hat. …
  • Peaky Blinders Newsboy Caps (Shelby Hats) …
  • John T. …
  • Doughboy's Cap.

Who is famous for wearing a hat?

President Abraham Lincoln, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker, and Slash are among famous celebrities that donned top hats. For generations, this 18th-century period hat has supplanted the tricorn hat in complementing beautiful and historical attire.

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