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Free Comet TV Schedule for Today & Tonight

Are you wondering “What's on Comet right now?” Look no further! Here’s the current Comet channel schedule.

Free Comet TV Schedule Today

6:00 AM

Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill

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6:30 AM

Paid Programming

Paid programming.

7:00 AM

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7:30 AM

Adult 65+ Health Matters: Insights from Dr. Roberts

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8:00 AM

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8:30 AM

Powerful Cleaning with Shark Stratos

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9:00 AM

Gate II (1992)

Four teenagers are thrust into a battle against the forces of darkness after they conjure up a wish-granting demon.

11:00 AM

Stargate SG-1 Crusade

Vala returns to Stargate Command with news about the Ori.

12:00 PM

Stargate SG-1 Camelot

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Mitchell and Daniel race to locate a device that will obliterate the Ori.

1:00 PM

Stargate SG-1 Flesh and Blood

The team struggles to reunite after an Ori defeat.

2:00 PM

Stargate SG-1 Morpheus

While searching for a weapon that will defeat the Ori, the team finds a planet whose inhabitants are dying of a mysterious illness.

3:00 PM

Grimm Eyes of the Beholder

Hank's physical therapist and her brother get caught up in the investigation of a gang-related homicide; upon learning her friend is a wesen, Juliette turns to Rosalee for advice.

4:00 PM

Grimm The Good Soldier

Nick and Hank discover a murder may be part of a series of revenge killings involving a military cover-up; Rosalee reunites with her mother and sister.

5:00 PM

Grimm The Wild Hunt

Nick and Hank investigate a cop killer who scalps his victims; Juliette tries to get in touch with Nick's mom; Adalind discovers she's closer to giving birth than she thought; Monroe's parents arrive early.

6:00 PM

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Passion

Angel's obsession with Buffy hits home, forcing her to involve her mother; Jenny attempts to fix things with Giles.

7:00 PM

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Killed by Death

Buffy meets a boy who is experiencing nightmares from her past and present; Cordelia is jealous of Xander's attempts to protect Buffy.

8:00 PM

Buffy the Vampire Slayer I Only Have Eyes for You

A heartsick ghost haunts the school halls, and Buffy helps the spirit find peace in a surprising way.

9:00 PM

The X-Files SureKill

When Scully and Doggett investigate a series of unbelievable murders, they unearth a suspect with a weird medical anomaly.

10:00 PM

The X-Files Salvage

Scully and Doggett delve into a series of bizarre deaths in a Midwestern town, but their prime suspect is pushing up daisies.

11:00 PM

The X-Files Badlaa

Scully and Doggett investigate a series of murders linked to an Indian mystic who lodges inside his victims' bodies.

12:00 AM

Grimm El Cucuy

While investigating cases of vigilantism, Nick and Hank hear talk of an old Spanish legend; Juliette learns the truth about Nick's mother; Adalind suffers a scare during her ultrasound.

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1:00 AM

Grimm Stories We Tell Our Young

Nick and Hank investigate a case that links religious phenomena with the Wesen Council; Capt. Renard deals with family issues.

2:00 AM

The Outer Limits Second Soul

Aliens exchange advanced technology for human cadavers, which they use as hosts for their dying spirits.

3:00 AM

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3:30 AM

Coin Collecting with Mike Mezack

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4:00 AM


JD Scott shares the AMAZING Oxypure Zero, Air Purifier with Zero Replacement Filters! Get the smart WIFI enabled air purifier that helps achieve ZERO airborn pollutants without any additional replacement filters! Call/go online/scan the QR code NOW!

4:30 AM

House Call TV: New Hope For Aging Joints

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5:00 AM


This is a special presentation of Cutlery Corner. Our Fall Festival set has 110 total pieces including a Katana sword, filet knife with sheath, several fixed blades, multiple bowies and tactical knives and a 21 piece kitchen set. FLEX PAY allowed.

5:30 AM

Paid Programming

Paid programming.

Click here to see What’s on Comet TV this month.


What is the TV schedule for Comet?

Check out the Comet TV schedule listed above. It is THE place for Science Fiction programming on television – with blockbuster movies, cult classics, and out-of-this-world TV series. Horror and fantasy thrown in, too.

What's coming on Comet today?

The science-fiction programming includes X Files (great if you want to see who gets abducted by aliens), Animal Outtakes, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, The Outer Limits, Hammer House of Horror, and Mystery Science Theater 3000, Comet TV shows popular favorites, cult classics, and undiscovered gems, every day.

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What happened to the Comet channel?

Comet is available over the air, online, and via streaming services. The Comet TV channel can be found in the App Store, Stream live and stream online, Roku, Dish, Comcast, Cox Communications, APPLE TV, Amazon Fire TV (via the STIRR app), Android Devices (via the STIRR app), YouTube TV (for subscribers), PlayStation Vue (for subscribers), Sling TV,  and on local TV via Local Over the Air Broadcast.

Find Comet in your area

What movie was just on Comet?


COMET is a free television channel dedicated to sci-fi entertainment offering popular favorites, cult classics, and undiscovered gems, every day. No subscription. ANYWHERE IN THE US stream COMET for FREE!


COMET is a free television channel on Roku dedicated to sci-fi entertainment offering popular favorites, cult classics, and undiscovered gems, every day. Watch COMET and Space Out.


Here are the options for watching Comet TV:


Unfortunately, there is not a Comet TV App for Android available yet. You can use these options on your Android phone:

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The screen is FROZEN!!!!!

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Monday 9th of August 2021

There may have been a service outage. If this happens again, I would suggest trying to use a different method. For example, if you are watching on your TV, you may want to try watching on the website or the app. The Comet TV channel can be found in the App Store, Stream live and stream online

Hope this helps!

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[…] Are you wondering “what is on Comet TV right now?” Look no further! Here’s a list of what’s on Comet right now this month along with the current Comet TV schedule. […]

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