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Hallmark Movie Bingo

  • This Hallmark movie bingo challenge is fun to see who can get 5 in a row first while enjoying the fun design pattern. Perfect for girls' night! “Rom-Com” (short for Romantic Comedy) Hallmark bingo is the perfect game to play during an all-girls party or while watching a Hallmark movie. 

    Do you love watching the Hallmark movies either on your own, with family, or with friends who come over? You can play bingo, vote for your favorite winners (get printable ballots here), and talk about some fun Hallmark movie trivia!

    What is a Rom-Com?

    Romantic comedy is a subgenre of comedy and slice-of-life fiction, focusing on lighthearted, humorous plotlines centered on romantic ideas, such as how true love is able to surmount most obstacles. One dictionary definition is “a funny movie, play, or television program about a love story that ends happily”. Wikipedia

    Hallmark Movie Party Ideas

    Hallmark Movie Party Decorations

    I think that a Hallmark movie-themed party needs to have fun decorations. You can go with bright colors like orange, turquoise, purple, and yellow for a fun look.

    What is Hallmark Movie Bingo?

    Hallmark movie Bingo is just a version of regular bingo.

    Instead of using numbers on the cards, there are events that might happen during a Hallmark movie. This makes it a perfect game to play during a movie party or while watching a Rom-Com.

    You can still pick any variety of ways to win just like in regular bingo. Using free printable Hallmark bingo cards saves you some money on game supplies too!

    Hallmark Movie Bingo Items

    Here are the items featured on the bingo board:

    • sappy music
    • trendy city
    • couple hates each other
    • plane or train ride
    • first kiss
    • break up scene
    • someone professes their love
    • picture perfect first date
    • emotionally unavailable male lead
    • dark past
    • secret identity
    • a main character is a cynic
    • a wedding
    • epic makeover
    • nosy mother
    • “why do I love you” monologue
    • cute pet
    • kissing in the rain
    • royalty
    • someone's a workaholic
    • someone makes a bet
    • bad boy
    • an ex returns
    • quirky heroine
    • BFF gives bad advice

    Click here to download this printable.

    How to use Hallmark Movie Bingo

    This printable bingo game has four different bingo cards. This is a perfect activity for a Rom-Com party!

    Bingo Instructions

    Provide your guests with clipboards and pens to fill out their cards, and instruct them to cross off the boxes as the events of the night unfold.

    Print a bingo card for each player or team. (Guests are each provided with a different bingo card.)

    Each player crosses off an item as they see or hear it on the show.

    The spaces include clothing people are wearing, award show results, audience activity, and things people do or say.

    The first player who gets 5 items in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), wins.

    Helpful supplies:

    • clipboards
    • pens
    • cardstock
    • something to mark spaces:
      • bingo daubers
      • metallic stickers
      • candy stars

    Watch Your Favorite Hallmark, Rom-Com, and Romantic Movies

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