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Complete List of New Movies on BET Plus

Wondering what new movies on BET Plus are available? Here is the full list of all of the amazing new BET Plus movies available on the BET+ streaming network.

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Here is the list of all of the remarkable new BET Plus movies available on the streaming network.

You can sign up for a free 7-day BET Plus trial. 

What type of content does BET Plus typically release?

BET Plus is known for its diverse range of content that predominantly targets the African American audience. It features a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, reality series, and documentaries, all of which showcase Black talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Original films and television series make up a significant portion of their offerings, with notable creators like Tyler Perry producing exclusive content for the platform. In addition to original content, BET Plus also hosts a plethora of classic shows and movies. The service regularly updates its library, ensuring there's always something new to discover.

What is BET Plus known for?

BET Plus is a premium online streaming service known for its vast library of Black content from renowned Black creators. With over 2,000 hours of content, BET Plus offers a diverse range of genres such as drama, comedy, reality series, and documentaries.

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The platform is recognized for showcasing Black talent both in front and behind the camera. It hosts a mixture of original films and TV series, with creators like Tyler Perry producing exclusive content. Classic shows and movies are also part of its offerings.

Why does the BET Plus catalog change?

The BET Plus catalog changes due to the licensing agreements they have with studios and content providers. These licenses can expire if not renewed, leading to content being removed from the platform. Also, to keep their offerings fresh and engaging, BET Plus regularly adds new shows and movies. This includes both original content produced by Black creators and classic shows and movies. So, the changing catalog is a result of both the expiration of licenses and the continuous effort to provide new and diverse content.

Why does the BET Plus remove titles?

The removal of titles from the BET Plus platform is primarily due to licensing agreements. These licenses, negotiated between BET Plus and content providers or studios, have specific durations. When a license expires and isn't renewed, the associated content must be removed from the platform.

Additionally, BET Plus constantly strives to refresh its offerings to keep the platform engaging for users. This involves adding new content, including both original shows and movies and classic favorites while removing others to maintain a balanced and dynamic library.

With many streaming services increasing prices, it’s important to get the most out of your monthly subscription each month.

New Movies on BET Plus

No products found.

Whatever It Takes

Four women experience challenges with friendships, love and motherhood during the holidays when their lives begin to take major turns.

No products found.

Favorite Son Christmas

First Lady Rita proposes a holiday reunion of her sons' gospel group SO G.I.F.T.E.D. to put a damaging scandal behind them and pull Graceway Church out of financial trouble.

No products found.

Never Alone For Christmas

After calling off their engagement, an ex-couple is surprised to find themselves at the same holiday getaway in New Orleans where they are both pursuing new love interests.

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No products found.

Christmas Rescue

A Christmas bride is abducted at the altar by her childhood sweetheart in a desperate attempt to win her back.

No products found.

Hip Hop Family Christmas Wedding

Hip Hop's most famous family is back, and this time, Christmas wedding bells are ringing! Jessica and Jayson are getting ready to say their “I do's”, while their mothers Tina and Nancy are fighting it out for wedding planning supremacy.

No products found.

Adventures In Christmasing

Parker Baldwin, a highly successful and meticulous talk show host, finds her Christmas plans upended when her network persuades her to spend three days in the wild with superstar survivalist Finn Holt for a holiday television event.

Are there any unique titles that are only available on this platform?

BET Plus does have exclusive content that is only available on its platform. This includes original series from popular Black creators like Tyler Perry, Lena Waithe, and Will Packer. Some of these unique titles are Tyler Perry's Ruthless, Bigger, and Twenties.

Any unique content clusters in BET Plus?

BET Plus does offer unique content, particularly focusing on black culture and experiences. While it may not specifically cluster content by decade like some other platforms, it does offer a range of content, from classic shows to recent releases.

How to add titles to your watchlist?

To add titles to your watchlist on BET Plus, you need to navigate to the title you're interested in. Once there, you should see an option to “Add to Watchlist.” Clicking or tapping this option will add the title to your watchlist. Please note that the specific steps may vary depending on the device you're using (smart TV, mobile device, web browser, etc.).

If you're having trouble adding some titles to your watchlist, it might be a technical issue, and reaching out to BET Plus customer support could be helpful.

In case you missed it, here's Everything You Need to Know About BET Plus.

Is there a place in the app to see new releases?

There is a place in the BET Plus app to see new releases. The app regularly updates with new content, and you can find these updates on the homepage or under sections like “New Releases” or “Recently Added”.

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People also ask:

What's new on bet plus?

  • Redeemed
  • House Party
  • House Party 2
  • House Party 3
  • Run's House
  • Tales
  • Black Ink Crew

In this post, we will share extraordinary new movies on BET Plus. You can also get the Complete List of New Movies on BET Plus and a Complete List of New Shows on BET Plus.

What movies can you watch on bet plus?

Here is the list for Full List of All the BET Plus Shows Available for you.

What new movies are out on BET?

  • Redeemed
  • House Party
  • House Party 2
  • House Party 3
  • Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family
  • Always a Bridesmaid
  • Seaside
  • Rise Up and Stand – A Tribute to Mothers
  • Father’s Kingdom

You can also have the Complete List of New Movies on BET Plus.

What is bet plus streaming?

Best Black Creators have almost 2,000 hours of content available on BET+. Now you can enjoy Black culture: your favorite movies, TV shows, and new releases.

And they're all in one spot.

Are all of Tyler Perry plays on BET Plus?


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