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Thanksgiving Movies on Hulu

If you're just a little tired of hearing holiday music and all the lights and tinsel, these Thanksgiving movies on Hulu are the best remedy for your holiday burnout.

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Whether you're in the mood for classic tales of gratitude, heartwarming family stories, or even a touch of holiday humor, Hulu has something for everyone. So, grab your pumpkin pie, settle into your favorite spot on the couch, and let's discover the perfect Thanksgiving movie lineup for your holiday viewing pleasure.

What themes are in Thanksgiving movies?

Thanksgiving movies typically revolve around a few central themes that capture the spirit of the holiday. These include:

  1. Family: Many Thanksgiving films explore complex family dynamics, showcasing both the love and tension that can arise when relatives gather.
  2. Gratitude: As the name of the holiday suggests, many of these movies highlight the importance of being grateful for what we have, even in the face of adversity.
  3. Togetherness: Thanksgiving is often portrayed as a time to come together with loved ones, and this theme is prevalent in many films about the holiday.
  4. Acceptance and Compromise: Considering the varied personalities at family gatherings, many Thanksgiving movies highlight themes of acceptance and compromise.
  5. Love and Relationships: Whether budding romantic relationships or deepening familial bonds, love is a common thread in many Thanksgiving films.
  6. Friendship: In these films, friends often play a crucial role. They sometimes substitute for family, enhancing the sense of unity and camaraderie.
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These themes are what make Thanksgiving movies so relatable and enjoyable, reminding us of our own experiences during this special time of year.

What are Thanksgiving horror movies?

Thanksgiving horror movies represent a unique subgenre of films, fusing the themes of the Thanksgiving holiday with elements of suspense, terror, and horror. Intriguingly, these movies frequently exploit the tensions and dynamics that arise during family gatherings, amplifying them to chilling extremes.

Horror films often incorporate a wide array of tropes. They might spotlight elements from slasher narratives, psychological thrillers, supernatural occurrences, or even dark comedies. On the one hand, some movies use Thanksgiving as a chilling backdrop. On the other hand, others transform its traditions into something far more sinister.

These films offer a thrilling viewing alternative for horror fans during the traditionally cozy Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving horror genre offers a unique twist on holiday-themed content, catering to audiences who enjoy thrillers and horror films.

What does it mean to be anti-Thanksgiving?

Anti-Thanksgiving involves questioning or rejecting the traditional celebration due to its historical context. This view emphasizes how Thanksgiving can symbolize the painful effects of colonialism on Indigenous communities.

Some prefer to recognize this day as a National Day of Mourning, reflecting on the injustices faced by Native Americans. The aim is to promote awareness and respect for these marginalized histories and experiences.

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Why do some people hate Thanksgiving movies?

Several factors contribute to why some people dislike Thanksgiving movies. Firstly, the absence of a fantastical element makes it difficult for these films to captivate audiences. Secondly, there are not many films exclusively about Thanksgiving. Personal circumstances can also influence individual perceptions.

The holiday's controversial history, seen by some as a celebration of Native Americans' conquest, can also impact views. Lastly, the portrayal of family dysfunction, often amplified in these films, can be off-putting for viewers.

Why do some people hate holiday movies?

Some individuals dislike holiday movies due to their predictable nature and recurring themes. These films often follow a formulaic plot revolving around love, family, or the magic of the holiday season, which can feel overly sentimental or cliched to certain viewers. Additionally, the abundance of holiday movies during the festive period can lead to oversaturation, contributing to viewer fatigue and disdain. Finally, these movies may not appeal to those who prefer more complex narratives or diverse genres.

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Thanksgiving Movies on Hulu

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A woman invites Pilgrim impersonators for Thanksgiving. Things get chaotic as the ‘actors stubbornly refuse to break character. | Watch on Hulu

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Free Birds

Two turkeys from different backgrounds join forces in a daring adventure. They time-travel to save their ancestors from the first Thanksgiving. | Watch on Hulu

Carved- Thanksgiving movie on Hulu

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A family deeply engrossed in the Halloween custom of Jack-o-lantern creation unexpectedly carves into an extraordinarily unique pumpkin, leading to more than they bargained for. | Watch on Hulu

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Use this blank Thanksgiving Movie Watch List to track what you want to watch this holiday season.

Or, get some ideas from this Family-Friendly list or list of Adult Favorites.

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