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8 Tips For Throwing An Outdoor Movie Party

Take advantage of the warm summer nights by hosting an outdoor movie party. With a little preparation and creativity, you can create a unique and memorable party everyone is sure to love!

Tips For Throwing An Outdoor Movie Party

Invitations, Décor, and Games

To get your guests in the spirit, create party invitations designed to look like movie tickets. On movie night, lay out a red carpet to welcome your guests and play some pre-movie trivia games to build up the excitement.


A few basic items are needed in order to show a movie outside: a DVD player, projector, screen, and speakers. If you do not own, or want the expense of purchasing a projector, consider using a service like Fun Flicks, which rents projectors and other movie equipment by the day. A plain, white sheet can also double as a movie screen.

Testing, Testing

Always test the equipment before showtime! Technical issues should be worked out before the party starts to avoid any delays or mishaps. Check the movie image on the screen to make sure each guest has a good view and adjust the volume on the speakers to the correct level. When the party starts, your only job should be to hit “Play!”

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Pick a Flick

Take into account your audience when choosing the night's feature film. There are plenty of family-friendly movies that both kids and adults will love, but remember to preview the movie in advance to make sure there are no surprises! Also, remember to consider the run time. Children, especially, have limited attention spans.

Don't Bug Out!

Nothing can ruin an outdoor movie night faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. Be prepared with bug repellent and citronella candles to keep the bugs away! The glow of the candles also helps create a fun atmosphere.


Be casual! There's nothing like lying under the stars on a warm blanket and watching a movie. Spread out blankets for guests to curl up on and add some outdoor throw pillows for extra comfort. But remember to keep a few folding chairs available for guests who are more comfortable in a seat.

Snacks: The Good Stuff!

The only thing better than the movie itself is the movie snacks! Popcorn and movie candy is a must for any outdoor movie party. Buy large bags of flavored popcorn at the grocery store or purchase or rent a popcorn machine for a true movie experience.

Individual popcorn boxes or bags for guests to use are inexpensive and also add to the feel of a real movie-going experience. In addition, plastic popcorn containers can double as party favors.

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And no movie night is complete without traditional movie candy. Boxed movie candy, like Sno-caps, Milk Duds, and Junior Mints are available at many big boxes, discount, and grocery stores.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Summer weather can be unpredictable, so make sure you have a backup plan. In case of rain, unplug all electrical equipment and move the guests inside. Remain flexible and relaxed and your guests will still have just as much fun huddled around a TV inside!

More Tips For Throwing A Movie Party:

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