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3 Great Ways to Spend Your Next Day Off

Between the daily stresses of school, work, and familial obligations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

Burnout is a very common feeling for many adults, and sometimes the best way to avoid burnout is by simply taking a step back to breathe.

Whether you’re putting your PTO to good use and taking a mid-week break or you’re simply seeking to make the most of your weekend, everyone needs a day off now and then. 

This guide to some of the great ways to spend your next day off will help you find peace and fight burnout with ease.

Plan a quiet day in

If the weather outside is still a bit frightful, consider hunkering down indoors instead. Plan a quiet day in, surrounded by cozy blankets, comforting food, and an endless array of your favorite films and shows.

Catch up on all the movies on your watchlist and escape from reality for just a day. You can travel to the far reaches of Middle Earth, traverse the galaxy aboard the Millennium Falcon, or navigate the winding halls of Hogwarts.

Focus on doing what feels right for you and don’t pay the clock a second thought. There are no schedules or expectations for your day in.

All that matters is that you’re relaxed, comfortable, and content.

Here are some posts that might help with that:


One of the best ways to spend your next day off is by giving back to your community. Spend the day volunteering at a local charity organization and learn how one small act of kindness can affect an entire community.

Non-profit organizations are always happy to have new volunteers, and volunteering is a great way to meet new friends while also giving back to your community. 

Volunteer options are available in many different fields, so whether you enjoy working with children, animals, or elderly individuals, you can find a volunteer opportunity to suit your needs.

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Head outside

After a long week cooped up inside an office, sometimes the best thing you can do is head outside for fresh air. Spending your day off outdoors will help clear your head of anything that might bog you down.

Whether you prefer to embark on an exciting outdoor adventure or spend your day off simply basking in the sun, there are plenty of different ways to spend time outside.

Consider taking a trip to a local park or strolling around a farmer’s market. You can also spend the day giving your garden some much-needed TLC—and just in time for spring.

Your day outdoors will not only give you a chance to breathe and get back to the basics, but the time spent in the sun will allow you to soak up some much-needed vitamin D. 

Vitamin D will increase your body’s serotonin levels, allowing you to feel happier and more relaxed.

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