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Best Christian Movies To Watch With Your Family

Christianity is the predominant religion in the U.S., and although secularism is on the rise in younger generations, many older generations continue to cling to their faith. Therefore, many of us have Christian parents who enjoy faith-based media, including Christian movies.

If you’re looking for Christian movies to watch with your elderly parents, we have four of the best ones listed below. You can still enjoy these interesting and heartwarming films even if you don’t share your parents’ faith.

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  • Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firth (Actors)

Biblical Fiction: Risen

The plot of the 2016 film Risen could have happened, though there is no record of it in the Bible. In this film, Roman soldiers oversee the crucifixion of Jesus, whom they call Yeshua throughout the movie. The Romans fear an uprising when they receive reports that Yeshua has resurrected, so they order their soldiers to locate his supposedly stolen body.

The search leader, Clavius, digs deeper and deeper into increasingly strange events and eventually lays eyes on the supposedly resurrected Yeshua himself. We won’t give any further plot details away, but the continued search and Clavius’s journey will entertain viewers of all ages.

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Jesus Revolution
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  • Joel Courtney, Jonathan Roumie, Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Actors)

Based on a True Story: Jesus Revolution

Jesus Revolution tells the true story of the Jesus Freak movement, which occurred in the 1970s in California. The movie follows pastor Chuck Smith, who struggles to connect with young people as his church starts fizzling out. His daughter introduces him to a hippie who is also a Christian preacher, and they join forces, starting a wave of Christian conversions.

Rebellious teenager Greg Laurie is eventually part of this wave as he searches for himself in the hippie movement. Viewers of all ages will appreciate this feel-good movie about connection, faith, and hope.

Christian Musical: A Week Away

If your elderly Christian parents love musicals, they’ll enjoy A Week Away. This Christian musical features a foster care runaway and petty criminal named Will, who must choose between attending summer camp or going into juvie. He picks the camp but does not reveal his identity.

While attending camp, he develops a crush on the camp leader’s daughter, Avery, and builds friendships with his fellow campers. Camp shenanigans ensue, but the fun is cut short when Will’s identity is revealed. Watching this movie together is a great way to encourage a senior loved one’s faith and have fun. | Stream on Netflix

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  • Sean Astin, Caleb Castille, Jon Voight (Actors)

Sports and Faith: Woodlawn

Sports lovers of all ages will enjoy the thrilling true story of Woodlawn. The movie takes place in the 1970s and follows Tony Nathan, an outstanding football player who helps to desegregate Woodlawn High School in Alabama.

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The coach brings in a traveling sports chaplain for a motivational speech when the integrated team struggles to get along. Many members of the team convert to Christianity afterward and start to succeed, especially when the coach starts playing Nathan more. Your elderly parents may remember some of this history and will appreciate the encouragement to persevere.

Watching Christian movies with your elderly parents can be boring sometimes, but if you stick to this list of best suggestions, you’ll all enjoy your movie night. No matter what type of movie you enjoy, there’s a Christian version that is a great choice for your whole family.

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