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15 Best Football Movies on Netflix

These 20 best football movies on Netflix are great to watch during the Summer, pre-season, football season, or any Friday night (football movies) during the year.

Why are we obsessed with football?

We’re watching football on Thanksgiving and Christmas days brings up another issue: Sunday is no longer the only day of the week devoted as a Sabbath to the pigskin.

There’s the NFL draft, preseason games, pre and post game analysis, Monday night football, Thursday night games, the post season and of course, the Super Bowl. Even in the off-season there is reason to remain engaged, tuned in, studying, because now the fan can get into the game through fantasy sports. (Source)


These movies include everything from movies, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. These are great selections to add to your Netflix list. You'll also love these high school football movies on Netflix.

What better way to celebrate the weekend than by binge-watching Netflix?

All the titles listed are currently on Netflix, but that is subject to change without notice.


Last Chance U

Elite athletes with difficult pasts turn to junior college football for the last shot at turning their lives around and achieving their dreams. | Watch on Netflix

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An inspirational profile of an inner-city high school football team's valiant effort to reach the school's first-ever playoff game. | Watch on Netflix

All American Homecoming : Season 1
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Geffri Maya, Peyton 'Alex' Smith, Kelly Jenrette (Actors)

All American

Culture clashes and brewing rivalries test a teen football player from South Los Angeles when he’s recruited to the Beverly Hills High School team. | Watch on Netflix

QB1 Beyond the Lights

This riveting series follows three-star high school quarterbacks as they play their final season before moving on to Division I college football. | Watch on Netflix

Friday Night Lights
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Billy Bob Thornton, Jay Hernandez, Derek Luke (Actors)

Friday Night Lights

This drama series chronicles the ups and downs of a Texas high school football team that carries the heart and soul of its town on its players' backs. | Watch on Netflix

Home Team

Kevin James stars as the real-life New Orleans Saints coach in this funny and heartwarming story produced by Adam Sandler. Videos. Home Team. | Watch on Netflix 

Titletown High

 In a Georgia town where football rules and winning is paramount, a high school team tackles romance, rivalries, and real-life while vying for. | Watch on Netflix

The Blind Side
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron (Actors)

The Blind Side

A teen without a home finds success on and off the football field after he's taken in by a determined mom and her affluent family. Based on a true story. | Watch on Netflix

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In the wake of a players' strike, an old-guard coach drafts a team of gridiron misfits and losers as replacements for the Washington Sentinels. |Watch on Netflix

Coach Snoop

Fueled by his own rough upbringing, Snoop Dogg creates a youth football league to keep at-risk kids off the streets and focused on their goals. |Watch on Netflix

Colin in Black and White

Colin Kaepernick narrates this drama series recounting his formative years navigating race, class, and culture while aspiring for greatness. |Watch on Netflix

Not Another Teen Movie
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Eric Jungmann, Chyler Lee, Molly Ringwald (Actors)

Not Another Teen Movie

Super-jock Jake Wyler makes a bet with his buddies that he can turn the school frump into a prom queen. But by the time they get to the dance, this over-the-top, outrageous comedy hysterically pays tribute to all of the classic teen movies and moments in film history. | Watch on Netflix
Bella and the Bulldogs Season 1
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)

Bella and the Bulldogs

When cheerleader Bella Dawson succeeds in landing a spot on her middle school's football team, her teammates do their best to make her give up. |Watch on Netflix

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We Are the Brooklyn Saints

Brooklyn youth football program and its selfless coaches provide a safe haven for kids to compete and learn lessons that will take them. | Watch on Netflix


Shaken by a friend's suicide, a Deaf high school football player copes with family and relationships while anticipating his final homecoming. |Watch on Netflix

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