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New Shows Coming to Acorn TV, January

As we kick off the new year, Acorn TV is ushering in a wave of captivating content to keep you entertained throughout January. From gripping mysteries to heartwarming dramas, the streaming service is set to deliver a diverse array of shows and films that cater to every taste.

In this month's new shows coming to Acorn TV, we'll unveil the latest additions to the Acorn TV library, ensuring you stay in the loop on the most compelling stories from around the globe.

Whether you're a fan of period pieces, crime thrillers, or light-hearted comedies, Acorn TV has something special in store for you.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the hottest series and films on Acorn TV in January.

What type of content does Acorn TV typically release in January?

In January, Acorn TV treats viewers to a diverse range of captivating content, including fresh seasons of acclaimed British and international dramas, intriguing mysteries, and delightful comedies. Audiences can anticipate the launch of compelling series, exclusive premieres, and thought-provoking documentaries.

With a commitment to quality storytelling, Acorn TV kicks off the year by delivering a curated selection of new and beloved titles that cater to various tastes, ensuring a compelling start to the entertainment calendar. Whether it's gripping crime thrillers, heartwarming family dramas, or witty comedies, Acorn TV consistently releases content in January that promises to engage and delight its audience.

What is Acorn TV known for?

Acorn TV is known for being a popular streaming service that specializes in bringing world-class mysteries, dramas, and comedies from Britain and beyond to its viewers. With a wide range of captivating British series, Acorn TV offers a platform for fans to binge-watch classic shows and discover new favorites. The service provides commercial-free on-demand content that can be accessed on various devices such as computers, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, and more.

Acorn TV has gained a reputation for offering high-quality programming, including beloved British series. It allows streaming enthusiasts to enjoy a diverse selection of engaging content from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. With its user-friendly app and free trial option, Acorn TV has become a go-to destination for those seeking the best of British television.

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Why does the Acorn TV catalog change?

The Acorn TV catalog undergoes regular changes to provide viewers with a dynamic and fresh streaming experience. Licensing agreements with content creators and production studios may expire, leading to the removal of certain titles. Simultaneously, new agreements are forged, enabling the addition of exciting, high-quality content.

This fluidity allows Acorn TV to stay current, responding to viewer preferences and industry trends. By updating the catalog, Acorn TV ensures a diverse array of programming, offering a mix of timeless favorites and cutting-edge releases, ultimately delivering a more engaging and satisfying streaming service for its audience.

Why does Acorn TV remove titles?

Acorn TV removes titles due to the expiration of licensing agreements with content creators and distributors. These agreements have finite durations, and when they conclude, Acorn TV may no longer have the rights to stream specific titles. This natural cycle of licensing helps maintain a dynamic catalog by allowing the addition of new, in-demand content while accommodating changes in viewer preferences. Acorn TV strives to offer a curated selection of high-quality programming, and the removal of titles is part of the ongoing effort to refresh and enhance the streaming experience for its audience.

New shows coming to Acorn TV in January

Here is a list of new shows coming to Acorn TV in January 2024, along with their specific premiere dates:


January 1st


January 8th

“Betrayal of Trust”

January 14th

“Monsieur Spade”

January 15th

“Dead Lucky”

January 29th

“The Claremont Murders”

Are there any unique titles that are only available on Acorn TV?

Acorn TV, a streaming service known for offering world-class mysteries, dramas, and comedies from Britain and beyond, has several unique titles that can't be found elsewhere. Some of these include “The Stalker's Apprentice“, a British thriller featuring Peter Davison.

Any unique content clusters?

Acorn TV offers several unique content clusters that cater to various viewer preferences. One popular series, “Dead Still,” has garnered significant demand from the United States TV audience.  Another exciting show is “Dalgliesh,” a new Acorn TV and Channel 5 drama that follows the enigmatic detective's career as he solves unusual murders and uncovers buried secrets.

Acorn TV also provides a selection of feel-good favorites, including mystery and drama genres. While not specifically mentioned in the sources, Acorn TV is known for its extensive library of classic and cult titles. It is an excellent platform for fans of movies from different eras to binge-watch. With its diverse range of content clusters, Acorn TV offers a unique streaming experience for viewers seeking both new and old titles.

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What are the media and critics excited about seeing on Acorn TV?

According to The Simply Luxurious Life AcornTV Favorite Shows, media and critics are excited about several shows available on Acorn TV. One highly regarded series is “Agatha Raisin,” a hilarious and charming cozy mystery based on the bestselling books by M.C. Beaton. Popular shows on Acorn TV that media and critics are excited about include “Agatha Raisin,” “Candice Renoir,” and “Doc Martin.” These shows have garnered positive reviews and are recommended for viewers. 

What are fan favorites?

Fan favorites on Acorn TV include a range of series spanning different genres. Some of the most popular ones, based on various sources, include:

  1. Mystery Road: A crime drama series set in the Australian outback, following Detective Jay Swan as he investigates mysterious cases. It combines elements of mystery, thriller, and indigenous culture.
  2. Mrs. Sidhu Investigates: This series follows the adventures of a spirited and determined housewife, Mrs. Sidhu, who becomes an amateur detective and solves crimes in her community.
  3. Dalgliesh: Based on the novels by P.D. James, Dalgliesh is a British detective series featuring Adam Dalgliesh, a poet and detective inspector who solves complex murder mysteries.
  4. The South Westerlies: A comedy-drama series set in a small coastal town in Ireland. When an offshore wind farm project threatens the tranquility of the community, a local environmental consultant finds herself torn between duty and her connection to the town.
  5. The Madame Blanc Mysteries: A crime drama series revolving around the enigmatic and stylish Madame Blanc, a former jewel thief turned amateur detective. With her impeccable fashion sense and sharp wit, she solves perplexing mysteries.
  6. Happy Valley: A gritty and intense crime drama set in Yorkshire, England. Catherine Cawood, a strong-willed police sergeant, finds herself caught up in a web of crime and corruption as she tries to protect her community.
  7. Foyle's War: Set during World War II, Foyle's War follows Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle as he investigates crimes on the home front. Each episode offers a unique blend of historical context and compelling mysteries.
  8. Midsomer Murders: A long-running British detective series centered around the rural county of Midsomer. Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and his team unravel intricate murder cases in picturesque English villages.
  9. The Good Karma Hospital: This uplifting medical drama series is set in a coastal town in Southern India. It follows the lives of a group of doctors and nurses who work at a run-down hospital, striving to make a difference in the lives of their patients.
  10. Murdoch Mysteries: Set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this Canadian detective series follows Detective William Murdoch as he solves crimes using innovative forensic techniques. The show combines historical accuracy with intriguing mysteries.
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How to add titles to your watchlist?

Adding titles to your watchlist on Showtime is a straightforward process. Here’s how you do it:

To add titles to your watchlist on Acorn TV, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Acorn TV website and sign in to your account.
  2. Browse through the available shows and movies.
  3. When you find a title you want to add to your watchlist, click on it to open the show or movie page.
  4. Look for the “Add to Watchlist” button, usually located near the title or description.
  5. Click on the “Add to Watchlist” button to save the title to your watchlist.
  6. You can access your watchlist by clicking on “My Acorn TV” located on the top right side of your screen.
  7. From your watchlist, you can easily find and access the titles you have added.

Note: If you want to remove a title from your watchlist, navigate to the watchlist or recently watched pages, select the show icon you want to remove, and choose the “Remove” option.

In case you missed it, here’s everything you need to know about Acorn TV.

Is there a place in the app to see new releases?

Yes, there is a way to view new releases on Acorn TV through their app. Here are the steps:

To view the new releases on the Acorn TV app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Acorn TV app on your device.
  • Look for the “New Releases” tab or section.
  • Tap on the “New Releases” tab to access the latest shows and movies added to the platform.
  • Browse through the titles and explore the new releases available.
  • You can filter the results by selecting either “All Movies” or “Series” to narrow down your search.
  • Click on the title to view more details and start watching.

Stay ahead of the crowd!  Don’t miss out on the latest binge-worthy shows coming to Acorn TV. 

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