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4 Classic Movies That Every Car Lover Needs To Watch

Throughout Hollywood’s history, movies that prominently feature vehicular action scenes have been some of the most popular. If you’re a car lover, check out our list of classic movies that you need to watch below!

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  • Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset (Actors)

Bullitt (1968)

When it comes to car chase movies, everything you might see in theaters today owes a debt of gratitude to one of the genre pioneers, 1968’s Bullitt. In the film, screen legend Steve McQueen drives one of the most iconic classic cars made popular by Hollywood, a 1968 Ford Mustang GT in Highlander Green. He takes it through the streets of San Francisco, chasing criminals and wreaking havoc.

To this day, many people consider the climactic car chase scene the best chase sequence the genre has ever produced. Steve McQueen, muscle cars, and high-octane action—what else could you want from a film?

The Italian Job (1969)
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  • Michael Caine, Noel Coward, Benny Hill (Actors)

The Italian Job (1969)

While the 2003 remake is entertaining, the original The Italian Job is still a classic movie that every car lover needs to watch. Most car chase movies use high-powered muscle and sports cars. However, The Italian Job takes another direction and has a fleet of colorful Austin Minis for its big sequence.

The car chase scene around the streets of Turin is both incredibly unique and a fun romp. The Minis dart all over the city and evade law enforcement through unorthodox methods, driving over stairs, rooftops, and even through the sewers. The memorable car chase made the movie a British cult favorite that people still revere today.

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Mad Max (1979)

With a budget of just $400,000 the original Mad Max made over $100 million in the box office. It’s one of the most successful movies ever. One of the primary reasons for its stunning success is its use of unconventional and unique vehicles in the dystopian world of its title character.

In Mad Max, the hero chases bad guys in a modified Ford Falcon, dubbed the Interceptor, fighting other cars and motorcycles outfitted with dystopian weapons and tools. While many sequels have come out since that upped the budget and the action, the original is still worth watching for any car enthusiast.

Grand Prix (1966)
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Grand Prix (1966)

While there have been many racing movies in Hollywood history, 1966’s Grand Prix is still the genre’s gold standard. The film follows a fictionalized Formula 1 racing series season and features incredibly authentic racing sequences that are still mesmerizing to modern audiences.

The film uses footage from real F1 races and staged racing with real F1 drivers in front of and behind the camera speeding around authentic circuits. Grand Prix is a must-watch for any car or racing fan due to its realistic action.

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