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Mary McLeod Bethune Movies

If you are looking for great movies to watch during Black History Month, Women’s History month, or supplement at-home learning, you’ll want to check out these Mary McLeod Bethune Movies.

Movies About Mary McLeod Bethune

Dr. Bethune famously started the Daytona Literary and Industrial Training Institute for Negro Girls on October 3, 1904.

Mary McLeod Bethune: The Spirit of a Champion
  • Mary McLeod Bethune (Actor)
  • Bill Barnett (Director)

About Mary McLeod Bethune Printable:

Here is a two-page study about Mary McLeod Bethune. Students can learn basic information about Ms. Bethune and share their thoughts about how they could contribute to the nation and create a personalized postage stamp.

The Mary McLeod Bethune stamp was issued on March 5, 1985.

Mary McLeod Bethune Black Heritage USA 22¢ Set Of Three Postage Stamps
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Students will also answer these questions on the printable:

  • Who is this passage about?
  • How was she honored?
  • What did Mary do to better the lives of African-Americans?
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Mary McLeod Bethune was a great educator and role model. She was an advocate for equal rights of women and African Americans, giving them opportunities to get an education that they would not have had otherwise.

Mary was honored by being placed on a postal stamp. There are all sorts of reasons to draw a stamp. With this Mary McLeod Bethune printable, you can draw your own stamp on anything so you can express yourself any way you want!

Why is Mary McLeod famous?

She was a dedicated educator and presidential advisor, Mary McLeod Bethune. She became one of the first black female activists who helped establish the foundation for the modern civil rights movement over her long career in public service.

Did Mary McLeod Bethune have a child?

Mary McLeod married Albertus Bethune in 1898 and gave birth to one son, Albert Bethune, in 1899.

What were Mary McLeod Bethune's siblings' names?

Mary McLeod Bethune's siblings are:

  • Beauregard McLeod
  • William Thomas McLeod
  • Samuel McLeod
  • Maria McLeod
  • Rachel McLeod

What did Mary McLeod Bethune do for President Franklin Roosevelt?

A friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, in 1936, Bethune became the highest ranking African American woman in government when President Franklin Roosevelt named her director of Negro Affairs of the National Youth Administration, where she remained until 1944. (Source)

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Who was Mary McLeod Bethune and what was the purpose of the Black cabinet?

The “Black Cabinet” referred to the African-American members of the cabinet. As Director of the NYA's Office of Minority Affairs, Mrs. Bethune became the first African American woman to lead a federal agency in 1935. Her work with the NYA helped African American youth find employment and opportunity during the Great Depression. (Source) She organized the department heads into a council of presidential advisors, also known as FDR’s “Black Cabinet.”

How old was Mary McLeod Bethune when she died?

The Mary McLeod Bethune Foundation was created in 1953 as a nonprofit corporation to promote Bethune's social and educational principles.

She persisted in advocating democratic ideas and trust in the American creed until her death on May 18, 1955, at the age of 79, after a heart attack at her home.

Books about Mary McLeod Bethune:

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To continue this unit study, check out these Black History month writing prompts.

If you’d like to continue with a women’s history unit study, check out the “Her Story in History” packet, too.

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Click here to download a printable list of activities.

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