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Why You Should Upgrade to a 4K TV

Throughout the years, televisions have undergone countless evolutions that have enhanced our viewing experience. One of the more recent updates this beloved form of technology has experienced is the emergence of 4K TVs. 

Also known as Ultra HD, a 4K television has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (four times the number of pixels of Full HD).

To help you decide if you should make the switch to this newer model, take a look at some of these reasons why you should upgrade to a 4K TV.

5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a 4K TV

Incredible clarity

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a 4K television is its incredible picture clarity. Because 4K televisions have roughly 8 million pixels in total, their images are much sharper and more detailed than those of standard HD televisions.

Enhanced image depth

In addition to increased clarity, 4K televisions also add depth to a picture. Due to their extra pixels, images displayed on 4K televisions have finer details further in the distance. As such, 4K images look deeper, and long-distance shots have an almost 3D effect.

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Better color resolution

Due to the high number of pixels, faster motion, and expanded contrast range of 4K televisions, color blends can be rendered more subtly. As such, striping or blocking effects on a screen are nearly eliminated. Furthermore, when 4K technology is combined with HDR, the viewer can experience an even wider range of vibrant, lifelike colors.

Higher quality with larger screens

In many cases, a larger television screen size will expose flaws in the TV’s visible pixel structure. However, due to the high number of pixels in 4K televisions, the image quality won’t suffer due to larger screen sizes.

Decreasing prices

The price of a 4K television has decreased significantly since the initial release of this form of advanced technology. Unlike the newer 8K models, which can cost several thousands of dollars (some costing over $60,000), you can purchase a 4K television for as little as a few hundred bucks, depending on the model.

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Once you have everything lined up, you can start a new family tradition – family movie night.

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