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A Full List of All of the Bob Marley Movies

Catch up on all of the Bob Marley movies while waiting for the new movie, which comes out on February 14, 2024. And don't forget to delve into all the best Reggae movies for a deeper appreciation of this vibrant music genre.

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The iconic reggae artist Bob Marley has been the focus of several notable films and documentaries, which many reggae music lovers, including me, have loved.

These works highlight his life, music, and enduring global influence. Bob Marley's life has been extensively chronicled in documentaries such as “Marley” (2012) and “Who Shot the Sheriff (2018).” A YouTube series, “Bob Marley: Legacy,” offers intimate interviews with his family and friends.

The narrative landscape is evolving with the announcement of a biographical film, “Bob Marley: One Love,” bringing a dramatized portrayal of Marley's life to the big screen.

About the Bob Marley Movie Series

The series includes these three documentary films and one major movie that is coming soon:

What are the Bob Marley movies?

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Marley (2012 Documentary)

Emerging from humble beginnings in rural Jamaica, Bob Marley rose as a beacon of hope for the marginalized, advocating peace, love, and comprehension through his universal medium—music. On what would have marked Marley's seventy-fifth birthday, Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald masterfully weaves together previously unheard tracks, unseen footage, and personal interviews to present an unparalleled depiction of the iconic musician.

Who Shot The Sheriff (2018 Documentary)

The 2018 documentary delves into the 1976 assassination attempt on Bob Marley. This film is part of the ReMastered series and investigates who was responsible for the incident. It explores this dramatic event in Marley's life by featuring interviews with figures such as Arnold Bertram, Cindy Breakspeare, and Nancy Burke.

The documentary was released on Netflix and has garnered attention for its in-depth examination of the circumstances surrounding the assassination attempt. | Watch on Netflix

Bob Marley: Legacy (2020 YouTube Series)

This 2020 mini-documentary series, available on YouTube, offers a vivid exploration of the enduring influence of Bob Marley. Each episode offers intimate conversations with his family and various individuals who embody his spirit.

The series delves into different aspects of Marley's life and messages, highlighting his role as a social and political activist and his influence on modern culture. | Watch on YouTube

Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

Bob Marley, a singer-songwriter from Jamaica, surmounts numerous challenges to rise as the world's most renowned reggae artist.

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How many movies does Bob Marley have?

There are three Bob Marley documentary films and one major movie coming soon.

In what order should I watch Bob Marley movies?

I've put together a table for you, organizing these films and series by their release year:

Sequence Movie Title Type of Movie Release Year
1 Marley Documentary 2012
2 Who Shot The Sheriff Documentary 2018
3 Bob Marley: Legacy YouTube Series 2020
4 Bob Marley: One Love TBA 2024

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Is Marley on Netflix?

Marley is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Who Shot The Sheriff on Netflix?

Who Shot The Sheriff is available on Netflix.

Is Bob Marley: Legacy on Netflix?

Bob Marley: Legacy is available on YouTube.

Is Bob Marley: One Love on Netflix?

Bob Marley: One Love is in theaters on January 12, 2024.

Related Questions:

Who's playing Bob Marley in the movie?

The role of Bob Marley in the upcoming biopic “Bob Marley: One Love” is being played by Kingsley Ben-Adir. Known for his performances in “Peaky Blinders” and “The OA,” Ben-Adir will portray the iconic reggae musician and delve into his life and career. The movie aims to celebrate Marley's life and music, which have inspired generations with the message of love and unity. This casting decision has likely been made considering Ben-Adir's demonstrated talent and ability to bring complex characters to life on screen.

How many baby mamas did Bob Marley have?

Bob Marley, the legendary reggae musician, is known to have fathered several children. Marley had nine baby mamas, including his wife Rita Marley. During their marriage, Bob and Rita Marley had four children together. Additionally, two children from Rita's previous relationships were adopted by Bob Marley as his own. It's important to note that Marley's love for his children was evident, and despite the unconventional family structure, he maintained a close relationship with them.

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What were Bob Marley's last words?

Bob Marley's last words were deeply profound and reflective of his life philosophy. He reportedly said to his son Ziggy, “Money can't buy life.” These moving words truly capture Marley's belief that life is about more than just material things. Even though he was a world-renowned musician, Marley never let fame overshadow what mattered to him – spiritual wealth and the values of love, unity, and respect for everyone. His final words serve as a strong reminder of his lasting legacy.

How many tracks does Bob Marley have?

The iconic reggae artist Bob Marley has a vast and influential discography. While it's challenging to pinpoint the exact number of tracks he recorded due to various collaborations, live versions, and reissues, it's estimated that Marley released around 200 songs across his career. These include tracks from his solo work as well as with his band, The Wailers. His music continues to inspire and influence artists globally, a testament to his enduring legacy.

What was Bob Marley's first song?

Bob Marley's first solo recorded single was “Judge Not” in 1962. However, his first significant success came when he, alongside Peter McIntosh and Bunny Livingston, formed The Wailing Wailers. Their debut single, “Simmer Down,” topped the Jamaican charts in January 1964. It wasn't until 1975 that Marley attained international recognition with the hit “No Woman, No Cry.” His music continues to resonate globally.

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