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Everything Coming to BET Plus – January

Wondering what’s on BET Plus? Check out the full list of new shows coming to BET Plus in January. Includes movies, TV shows, series, and BET+ originals. 

BET Plus catalog

What is BET Plus? Here’s everything you need to know.

Some of my most popular posts are my BET Plus lists. Every month, I post the full list of new shows coming to BET Plus, new BET Plus original series, new films on BET Plus, and titles leaving BET Plus.

BET Plus releases its list of new content coming to the platform on the 1st of each month.

Make sure you finish up any series or movies scheduled to leave the streaming service at the end of January before they’re gone.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the hottest series and films on BET Plus in January.

BET Plus New Shows | BET Plus New Movies | January 

Check out the full list of new shows coming to BET + in January. Includes movies, TV shows, series, and originals.

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January 5

  • Angel (BET+ Original Series) (Season 1)
  • Imani (BET+ Original Film)
  • Seaside

January 12

  • All the Queens Men (BET+ Original Series) (Season 2B)
  • Soulmate (BET+ Original Film)

January 19

  • Legacy (BET+ Original Series) (Season 1)
  • I Got Problemz (BET+ Original Film)
  • After Happily Ever After (BET+ Original Series)

January 26

  • The Impact Reunion (BET+ Original Special) 
  • The Oval (Season 4)

That’s what is coming to BET+.

In case you missed it, here’s everything you need to know about BET Plus.

What’s leaving BET Plus in January?

Subscribers have voiced concerns over the paid streaming platform showing old shows and requesting some new stuff. BET Plus aims to “have a balance between classic content and originals. Many of our originals are approaching season 2 and will return soon, but while you wait we have some fan favorite nostalgic titles.” 

What are you looking forward to watching on BET+ this month?


BET Plus’s lineup of movies and TV shows is constantly changing as the company gains and loses licensing rights for different content.


BET Plus licenses TV shows and movies from studios and content providers around the world, and those licenses can expire if they’re not renewed. If one of your favorite TV shows or movies you love is leaving, it indicates that the licensing agreement with the content provider is about to end.

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No, it is not included with your BET subscription. BET+ is a separate, paid streaming service. But, you can sign up for a free 7-day BET Plus trial.


More information about BET and BET Plus

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Wednesday 25th of January 2023



Wednesday 25th of January 2023


Rosemary white

Thursday 5th of January 2023

I have 4 streaming apps Paramount, Apple +, peacock and BET +, and there is no comparison, BET+ is the worst streaming app, no hands down, it’s like I am getting it for free, some as I open app, it buffers a good 2 min, B4 I connect content, a lot of time I switch to another app. When I finally get to watch something, I get phone call, put it on pause, once I take it off pause, it will buffer for a minute plus B4 It continues, this has to change, much as I like the content on this channel, I am going to drop this. I know you will probably says, it probably my tv or location. I live in Columbus Ohio, sister live in Arizona, aunt lives in Indianapolis, and BET+ a is the same way.

Donna Smith

Thursday 27th of January 2022

I ordered this because when Oval, or Sister come on its only one day,an if I miss I get lost... I pay $10 to find out the new seasons not I'll stick to Discovery... At lest what is showing on TLC is on the app...An the movies you adding plays on cable every day.