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3 Tips for Planning a Great Viewing Party

Viewing parties are excellent events to show off the newest movie everyone’s raving about or the series finale of everyone’s favorite show. Regardless of the reason, you’ll need your viewing party to go off without a hitch, and there are some helpful ideas to make the event comfortable and enjoyable. 

Use these tips for planning a great viewing party and ensure guests have a memorable experience that would’ve been mundane without your efforts.

Set the Scene a Day Before

You want the setting of your viewing party to feel like a different world when guests arrive. If people wanted a regular watching experience, they’d stay at home—but they’ve come to your special event instead.

Set up the location with adjustable lighting that you may dim and brighten with a remote. Create a concession stand where people may order snacks during the featured content.

Double-check the sound equipment to ensure the audio quality is clear and spreads throughout the entire space. If you use a projector, ensure it is in the right position and projects on the best space. A white wall or projector screen offers the best experience of viewing, especially during movies and viewable content that’s over an hour long.

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Viewing Party Supplies

Offer a Game of Bingo for the Viewing

If you want to keep people on the edge of their seats as they enjoy what’s on the screen, plan a game of themed bingo. Bingo is a fun and simple activity to include while planning for a viewing party and provides an extra layer of interest to the event. The best way to make the bingo cards is by having guests make their own.

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Here are some to get you started:

Offer card stock copies of 5×5 grids that people fill in. Make sure everyone uses pens to prevent last-minute changes to the cards. As the event progresses, guests can cross off anything that occurs in their prediction, and whoever wins receives a prize by the end.

This addition to your viewing party is easy to operate since the guests do most of the work, and your only job is to print out the cards. Bingo is fantastic for movies or sporting events where numerous random instances may occur.

Provide the Best Seating

People want to feel comfortable as they relax and enjoy the show. Provide seating with cushions and support in various styles that allow guests to ease into the experience.

Include bean bag chairs and low-string chairs for a unique feeling of comfort, and offer mats if people want to lie down instead.

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If you want to throw a successful outdoor movie night for your viewing party, use portable recliners and various other options and ensure you’re offering an array of choices.

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Viewing parties are fun events that allow you to enjoy your watching experience with friends, family, and other fans. Use these tips to plan the event and bring people together to enjoy the splendors of watching something in a group.

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