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Bessie Coleman Movies

If you are looking for great movies to watch during Black History Month, Women’s History month, or supplement at-home learning, you’ll want to check out these Bessie Coleman Movies.

Movies About Bessie Coleman

The Legend: The Bessie Coleman Story
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The Legend: The Bessie Coleman Story

In 1921, aviation pioneer Bessie Coleman arose from the poverty of the Texas cotton fields to capture the hearts of the Black population of America.

Here is a two-page study about Bessie Coleman.

About Bessie Coleman Printable:

Let’s travel back to a time when women wore hats and gloves to the airport, vintage airplanes crashed and aviators took their lives into their hands. Whose story are you most interested in learning about? Pick up your favorite hero or heroine, have it in, and take them on the journey with you!

This Bessie Coleman Printable will allow you to meet Bessie Coleman and find out a bit more about her life. By just printing these pages, you’d be able to have a glimpse of Bessie Coleman’s life.

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What happened when Bessie Coleman died?

Bessie Coleman flew a test flight with a mechanic named William Wills on April 30, 1926. Coleman sat in the passenger seat while Wills piloted the plane.

Coleman died right away after falling out of the open aircraft. Wills also died when the plane landed a few feet away from Coleman’s corpse.

Who played Bessie Coleman?

She enrolled in a French school as the only black person in the class, learning enough French to get by. She met her objective by completing the 10-month course in eight months.

Bessie Coleman, played by Dr. Daisy Century, is an interesting representation of a beautiful, driven lady who knew what she wanted and went for it.

Is Bessie Coleman a real person?

Coleman envisioned starting a flight school as a means of empowering black people in America. Bessie Coleman was an early American civil aviator (January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926).

On June 15, 1921, she received her international pilot’s license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, making her the first Black person to do so.

Did Bessie Coleman have a famous quote?

There are a lot of Bessie Coleman quotes but here is the famous Bessie Coleman quote that empowered a lot of women as well. 

A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Bessie Coleman.

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Books about Bessie Coleman:

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