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Little Mermaid Activity Kit

Use this Disney Little Mermaid Activity Kit to turn watching the Little Mermaid movie into an interactive family adventure.

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This activity kit includes the following activities based on the Disney Beauty and the Beast movies: 

  • Word Scramble
  • Trivia
The Little Mermaid
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Rene Auberjonois, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Jodi Benson (Actors)

About The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, Disney's beguiling animated romp, rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel is fascinated with life on land.

On one of her visits to the surface, which are forbidden by her controlling father, King Triton, she falls for a human prince human prince named Eric, which leads her to make a magic deal with the sea witch, Ursula, to become human and be with him. 

The Little Mermaid Characters

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Ariel
  • Prince Eric
  • Sebastian
  • Flounder
  • Scuttle
  • Ursula
  • King Triton
  • Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista and Andrina
  • Glut
  • Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Grimsby
  • Max
  • Chef Louis
  • Carlotta 

The Little Mermaid Movies

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The Little Mermaid Books

About the Word Scramble

Little Mermaid Activity 'word scramble'

  • Complete in pencil, in case you make mistakes.
  • Think of words you could create starting with each letter.
  • Example:  T K H N I – If the first letter is T, then the second letter could not be K. Maybe the second letter could be H. Then, these two letters should be followed by a vowel. Now, we have THI and K N are the only letters left. It's pretty likely that the word is THINK.
  • Learn how to recognize word fragments and smaller words you can build off of.
  • Easy tip – review the word search words, these are likely the words that are included in the scramble.
  • Idea: use letters, letter magnets, etc., assemble the same letters, and play around with the order until you form the correct word.
  • Get more word scramble tips here.

Take a look at the words on the left and unscramble them to figure out the correct Little Mermaid term and then write it on the blank line.

Some of the scrambled letters are actually more than one word!

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About the Disney Trivia Game

There are 30 questions on four pages.

There are six cards on the first page and eight cards on the second, third, and fourth pages. The questions include what, who, and how. The trivia may cover characters, songs, facts about the location, things the characters learn, and more.

How to Play Disney Trivia for Kids

  • family game night
  • independent play
  • road trip game
  • sibling or friend games
  • activity during family movie night

How to Play Printable Disney Movie Trivia Game


The first step is to print off the Disney Trivia game. You may want to laminate the trivia questions and answers so they can be reused over and over again. Or, print the trivia on white cardstock so they are sturdier and easier to play with.

Cut out the individual questions along with the rectangles.

Little Mermaid Activity 'movie trivia game'


Ways to play:

  • call out the answer
  • write down the answer

Call Out the Answer

The first way is to play as a group. You can have a game moderator who calls out the questions, selects a player, and determines who answered the question correctly.

Start the game with the youngest player.

The player who answers the question correctly keeps the card.

When all 30 questions have been answered, tally up who has the most cards. That person will be the winner.

Write Down the Answer

The second way is to also play as a group. You can have a game moderator who calls out the questions and everyone writes down their answer.

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When all 30 questions have been answered, the winner is the person who answered the most questions correctly.

Scoring for Disney Trivia

There are two ways to score this game.

Scoring is either done by the moderator, each player scores his own answers, or teams switch answer sheets to score each other.

Click here to download this printable.

More Disney Movie Trivia

I'm creating a whole series of Disney movie trivia games. Click on the links below to get new games as they're published. (If the link doesn't work, please check back again.)

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