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Disney Movie Charades

These Disney Movie Charades are perfect for when the weather keeps you trapped inside, on family game night, or trivia night.

How well do you think you can act out Disney themes?

Here is a game that includes one sheet with 30 movies included.

This is a fun game that includes all of your favorite Disney movies.

Most of the movies included in this charades game are well-known, popular Disney movies that players of all ages will likely be familiar with.

After all, there’s no better time to have a little acting than when you’re stuck indoors, on a family trip, or during a family game night.

This game can be taken on the go! Simply cut out the movie titles and place the strips in an envelope or zip-top bag. Keep them in your purse or in the car!

What is Charades?

A game in which players guess a word or phrase from pantomimed clues.

How to Play Disney Movie Charades


The first step is to print off the Disney Charades game. You may want to laminate the instructions so they can be reused over and over again.

Cut out the movie titles along the colored rectangles.

After all of the movies have been cut out, fold them up and place them in any container with a wide opening.

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This game can be played with as few as two players. If you have more than two players, you can split the group up into two teams that will compete against each other.


  1. Choose a player to start the game.
  2. The player chooses a movie title to act out without speaking.
  3. The player then pantomimes the word or phrase on the slip of paper to the other players. (You may want to consider using a timer and allowing between 30-60 seconds to act out the movie title. If time runs out and the movie has not been correctly guessed, you can either return the movie to the container for another player to pull, or you can toss it in the used pile – at your discretion).
  4. The first person to guess the word or phrase gets a point. 
  5. Players from each team take turns pantomiming for their teammates. The first team to guess the word or phrase gets a point.
  6. Keep track of the points earned by each player or team. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Click here to download this printable.

Common Signals in Charades

Note that some of these signs may be banned from some forms of the game.

Here are some common clues used in charades:

  • To indicate a book, pretend to read a book.
  • To indicate a song, pretend to sing.
  • To indicate a movie, pretend to crank an old movie camera.
  • To pantomime a word that rhymes with the word you want players to guess, first, tug on your ear to say “sounds like.”
  • A number of fingers at the beginning of the play gives the number of words in the answer. Then hold up one finger before pantomiming the first word, two fingers before the second, and so on.
  • Pointing at or tugging on an earlobe means “sounds like.
  • Moving hands or fingers closer together without touching means “shorter.”
  • Holding the hands or fingers close together without touching indicates a short word such as “the” or “of” that is difficult to act out on its own.
  • Moving hands or fingers farther apart means “more,” which is to encourage answering a longer form of the same word.
  • “Come on,” “close,” or “keep guessing” may be indicated by any “come here” gesture or by holding one's hands toward each other and spinning them in circles.
  • “More” or “add a suffix” may be indicated by similar movements or by miming the act of stretching out a rubber band.
  • “I” may be signed either by gesturing to one's chest or eye.
  • “Yes, correct”, in addition to more general signs such as nodding, is often expressed in charades by pointing at or touching the nose with one hand while pointing at the correct guesser with the other, signifying “on the nose.”
  • “OK sign” can mean the number three or zero.
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Disney Movie Charades 

These are the Disney movies featured in the Charades game.   

Disney Trivia

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