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Halloween Countdown

Halloween has always been remarkable since it reminds people of carefree youthful fun for many individuals. Halloween is about more than just costumes and decorations; it's also about events and shared experiences with others. This Halloween Countdown will help you get started.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT-Halloween Countdown

Click here to download this printable.

How do you do a Halloween countdown?

Try these printables that you can use. Try these ways how to do a Halloween countdown.

  1. Mark the days with colored chalk.
    Print and cover each day up with a colored chalk hand-drawn pumpkin. 
  2. Fill the days with stickers.
    From the printable as days go by, cover the days with any spooky stickers on the printables. Do it one sticker a day.
  3. Putting a magnet in it.
    You can put the printed calendar in a refrigerator or any board that can pin the numbers using small magnets. 
  4. Marking the days with a permanent marker
    You can frame it and use a permanent marker to mark each day with any shape like circles, mark it “x” or whatever you prefer.

What are the activities of Halloween?

Here are some of the Halloween activities that you could try:

  1. Pumpkin Decorating.
  2. Haunted Houses
  3. Scavenger Hunts
  4. Werewolf Tag
  5. Flashlight Tag 
  6. Corn Mazes.
  7. Costume Report
  8. Lantern Making

What should I do for 31 days of Halloween?

These 31 easy and engaging Halloween activities are suitable for all ages. Consider these 31 Days of Halloween events a month-long bucket list.

1. Watch a Halloween movie every night.

Binge-watch these Halloween movies every night.

2. Play the Halloween Bingo with family and friends.

Halloween Bingo is the perfect game to play during a Halloween party or as part of your family’s Halloween activities.

3. Play Dress-up.

Disney costumes allow everyone to easily transform into their favorite Disney characters. Here are the 10 Best Disney Halloween Costumes. Or you can have Halloween costumes based on movies that you can try on.

4. Create a haunted Halloween movie night with friends or family. 

Here are Halloween movie options:

15 Halloween Movies on Amazon Prime
Halloween Movies for Parties
Halloween Movies on Disney Plus
20 Spooky Halloween Movies on Netflix for Kids
13 Scary Halloween Movies on Netflix
15 PG-13 Halloween Movies
Top 5 Scariest Halloween Movies
Top 5 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies
10 Halloween Movies on Hulu

5. Finding Things You Might See in a Movie

Make movie watching more interesting with this activity

6. Make a Halloween House

Get creative! Whether you want to make a haunted house in your garage or in your child’s playpen,

7. Have a Halloween hike & picnic.

The weather is pleasant, and there is no better time to spend a day in the woods. Enjoy a day in the woods by bringing a picnic with some Halloween-themed snacks.

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8. Create your own Halloween Carnival.

Simple Halloween activities include children dressed up in costumes and participating in a Halloween carnival game.

9. Try to “Boo” your neighbors.

Simple Halloween games include a chalkboard with the word “boo!” written on it. Regardless of how ridiculous it may appear, “booing” your neighbors is a way to foster a sense of community in an age when we are less likely to interact with our neighbors.

Make a tiny basket full of Halloween sweets and surprises, and dare your neighbor to “boo” someone else. It will undoubtedly bring a grin to their face!

10. Have a food potluck with a Halloween theme.

Many individuals want to be creative and prepare some of wonderful Halloween-themed meals and desserts. This year, give everyone a chance by organizing a Halloween-themed potluck. Show off your mummy-wrapped hot dogs and monster cookies to your friends and family.

11. Make a spooky cocktail for Halloween.

You can have an orange Halloween martini. Try something new and exciting that you've never done before.

12. Make a day of Halloween games.

Gather a group of friends or family for a game day. Outdoor games like bobbing for apples, puzzles, murder mysteries, board games, and so on. Form teams for a friendly competition, or simply enjoy a quiet puzzle with your loved ones.

13. Have a photoshoot with a Halloween theme.

Drive around to spooky locations and capture fun Halloween-themed images. Perhaps you'd like to do a photo shoot with your kids in their costumes, or with you and your significant other, or with your entire family. You are free to be as inventive as you want!

14. Have a bake-off for Halloween.

Choose a few Halloween treat recipes and have a Halloween bake-off with some friends or family. Fill goodie bags with snacks and deliver them to neighbors, coworkers, or homeless shelters.


15. Instead of carving pumpkins, try pumpkin decorating.

Please don't get confused with the statement. Traditional pumpkin carving is still one of my favorites, but it's so messy and always ends up being more of a job. There are a slew of fantastic pumpkin decorating ideas that don't require any carving. There is something for everyone, from beautiful to terrifying.

16. Halloween I Spy 

A Halloween I Spy is a fun activity for any group of kids on Halloween night. This printable I Spy game can keep a large group of kids busy all night and is a great addition to a night of Halloween movies!

17. Have a Halloween campout.

Have a Halloween campout in the backyard if it isn't too cold yet! Set up a tent, light a fire, and share some spooky Halloween tales.

18. Making a Halloween-Themed Pizza with your Kids 

Allow your children to assist you in preparing some delicious food. Pizza is my favorite activity to do with my family when it comes to cooking. Purchase Pillsbury pizza dough, cut it into individual pans and allow your children to create and customize their own pizzas with their favorite toppings before baking them on a cookie sheet.

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19. Make a Drink or Dessert with your Kids

The majority of children enjoy making their own food. Look for a fun cookie recipe to make with your friends. If your kids aren't interested in baking, gather some supplies and let them decorate the cookies once they've cooled.

20. Pumpkin Carving

Plan out your pumpkin designs and start carving them with your kids. Have a pumpkin-carving plan and make sure to work fast once started. 

21. Make a Halloween carnival of your own.

You haven't been able to locate one in your area? Why don't you organize your own Halloween carnival? Make it as low-key as you want it to be with a few close friends and family, or go all out with games, BBQ, and even psychic readings! There are a plethora of inventive DIY carnival games that you may make with items you most likely already own.

22. Night of wine and painting.

Organize a wine and painting event at your place. The subject of your painting must be Halloween-related! Make a spooky charcuterie platter and plenty of candles to set the mood.

23. Make a Halloween-themed short narrative.

Make yourself a cup of tea or a pot of pumpkin spice coffee and compose a short tale or poem about Halloween. Have a good time! Make it a picture book for youngsters or a handwritten story for adults in a vintage leather-bound diary.

24. Make spooky Halloween decorations out of thrift store finds.

Ordinary items can easily be transformed into eerie Halloween decor with just a can of black spray paint and some spider web. Make a creepy Halloween village out of ancient ceramic dwellings. Glue outdated fake flower arrangements with eyeballs. Maintain a modest budget while making a plethora of fresh Halloween decorations.

25. Participate in a Halloween event or attraction in your area.

There is always something going on in the neighborhood. Look at everything and decide what you want to do. There is likely to be something enjoyable for you to engage in, from Zombie running marathons to Halloween costume contests, festivals, parades, and even special museum events!

26. Go out and get some donuts for Halloween. 

If you don't get donuts on a daily basis, you'll notice that there are always some exciting Halloween doughnuts to choose from around October. Picking up a dozen in the morning is a wonderfully fun and tasty treat for the family, with everything from orange and yellow sprinkles to full-blown jack-o-lantern faces.

27. Send Halloween greeting cards to your loved ones.

Sending cards is no longer a tradition, so why not revive it by sending an unusual Halloween card? Make it yourself and include a photo, a Halloween poem, or simply say hello! It is certain to put a grin on their face.

28. Exchanging Halloween Stockings

Start a new tradition of Halloween morning stockings, much like Christmas morning stockings! Etsy is a good location to look for Halloween-themed stockings. Make the day even more enjoyable for your loved ones by watching them open up wonderful Halloween treats and toys from their very own Halloween stocking!

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29. Make plans for a spooky Halloween Trick or Treating night.

Why not make your sweets a little more interesting if you're giving them out? Create a maze for trick-or-treaters to walk through by using strobe lights, spooky music, and a maze. The objective of the night is to have some terrifying fun, so make your house a destination for all the kids!

30. Have a Halloween Party

Here are our favorite Halloween Movies for Parties.

31. Take Halloween day off.

It's quite good to relax and enjoy the holidays guilt-free! You've worked hard for it.

How can I make Halloween more fun?

To make your Halloween more fun, try these 5 ways to make it extra.

  1. Visit at least 1 haunted house. 
    A common tradition that most people have is going to a haunted house. You can just look it up online on the available haunted house near you.
  2. Attend a party.
    Attending a party is one of the most cost-effective Halloween activities. You could have already been invited to a handful this weekend and on Halloween itself, if you check your Facebook events.
  3. Find your way through a maze.
    Although mazes can be enjoyed all year, they are especially enjoyable during Halloween. Look online for corn mazes near you, gather a group of pals, and arrange a half-day Halloween adventure.
  4. Throw a night of scary movies.
    While partying isn't for everyone, it doesn't mean you can't have a good time with your buddies. Invite your friends over for a Halloween movie night in your living room.
  5. Dine at a haunted mystery dinner with your family or friends.
    Have a good time solving a mystery while eating dinner. Mystery dinner theater is available at many restaurants and hotels.

How can I do Halloween at home?

It doesn't have to be a dull Halloween at home. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, you may not be able to participate in festive traditions like trick-or-treating or visiting a haunted house this year, but you can find ways to make your quarantine Halloween the best yet. Here are 5 recommendations:

  1. Get all dressed up, even if there’s nowhere to go.
  2. Carve a pumpkin.
  3. Have a scary movie night.
  4. Tell, watch, or read ghost stories.
  5. . Pump up the spooky jams.

What are Halloween traditions?

Trick-or-treating (or guising and souling), Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted sites, telling scary stories, and watching horror films are all popular Halloween traditions.

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