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Best Movie Bucket Lists

We all have movies that we absolutely love and want to watch again and again. But what about those films that you hear about, but never get around to seeing? Working your way through the best movie bucket lists can be a great way to prioritize what's on your watchlist.

We've rounded up a movie checklist for you to start with.

What is a Movie Bucket List?

A movie bucket list is a list of movies that someone to watch the movie that you have always wanted to see but never had the chance.  It’s a personal collection of films that an individual feels are important or meaningful and wants to experience firsthand.

A movie bucket list is not just a random assortment of films, but rather a curated selection that the person has chosen for specific reasons. It can be tailored to your own preferences, whether it's a genre-based list or a list of classic films from every era.

Winter Movie Bucket List & Bingo

It's time to get cozy and embrace winter with an unforgettable movie-watching experience! This Winter Movie Bucket List & Bingo is the perfect way to enjoy a night in with family or friends.

This exciting bundle not only includes a list of must-watch classic winter films but also a fun bingo game that brings the magic of the movies to life.

Batman Movie Bucket List & Bingo

Get ready to test your bat knowledge and embark on a thrilling adventure with Batman Movie Bucket List & Bingo! This one-of-a-kind experience will help you cross off iconic scenes from all the greatest Batman films.

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Not only will it allow you to relive classic moments together with family and friends but challenge each other’s knowledge in an exciting bingo game.


Disney Animated Movie Bucket List & Bingo

The Disney Animated Movie Bucket List & Bingo is the perfect way to celebrate a lifetime of Disney magic and wonder! Creating a bucket list of all the must-see Disney classics.

Enjoy hours of fun as you watch all your favorite animated movies while crossing off each one from your own personally crafted bucket list. 

Sci-Fi Movie Bucket List & Bingo

Sci-Fi Movie Bucket List & Bingo is your one-stop shop for the ultimate science-fiction movie challenge. With this game, you can create an unforgettable experience by tracking your progress as you work through a collection of some of the greatest science fiction films.

Check off each movie as you watch it.

Fantasy Movie Bucket List and Bingo

Experience the ultimate adventure in movie watching with Fantasy Movie Bucket List and Bingo! Get ready to explore classic films, cult favorites, and all-time blockbusters as you race against time to cross your list.

Perfect for movie fans of any age, this unique product will bring hours of entertainment for friends and family.

STEM Movie Bucket List & Bingo

STEM Movie Bucket List & Bingo is the perfect tool to boost your children's science and technology education. With over 100 exciting movies, this comprehensive resource will help parents, teachers, and caregivers foster an understanding of STEM in their classrooms or homes.

In addition to providing a watch list of content-rich films, STEM Movie Bucket List & Bingo also includes bingo cards that allow students and families to engage with each other while learning about scientific theories, principles, and technologies.

Disney Christmas Movie Bucket List & Bingo

Put a little magic into the holiday season with Disney Christmas Movie Bucket List & Bingo! This package provides hours of festive fun for families, couples, and friends. Create your own unique bucket list of classic Disney holiday films – from timeless favorites to brand-new releases.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and sing along as you join beloved characters on their winter wonderland adventures!

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Harry Potter Movie Bucket List and Bingo

The Harry Potter Movie Bucket List and Bingo game is your chance to relive the magic of this beloved saga in an entirely new way. Enjoy an immersive experience where you can watch each movie while playing bingo, tick off items on a bucket list, and share moments with family or friends.

With interactive tasks like ‘Spot all the Weasley Twins’ or ‘Name That Spell!

Star Wars Movie Bucket List and Bingo

The Star Wars Movie Bucket List and Bingo is the ultimate way to enjoy all of your favorite Star Wars movies. With this set, you'll get a complete list of every movie in the series and a bingo card that tracks which ones you've seen.

It's perfect for die-hard fans who want to track their progress or those just getting started on their journey – there's something for everyone!

Romantic Comedy Movie Bucket List & Bingo

Create the ultimate romantic comedy experience with Romantic Comedy Movie Bucket List & Bingo! Tick off all your favorite romantic comedies as you go. This fun and interactive way of enjoying romantic comedies makes it easier than ever to enjoy date night with your special someone.

With this bucket list, you get a mix of both classic and new movies so there's something for everyone.

Marvel Movie Bucket List & Bingo

Are you a Marvel fan looking for a way to bring your fandom to life? Look no further! With the Marvel Movie Bucket List & Bingo, you will never miss another showing of an MCU movie. Test and increase your knowledge with this fun and interactive experience – it's sure to take any gathering from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tim Burton's Movie Bucket List and Bingo

For a true Tim Burton fan, no experience is complete without Tim Burton's Movie Bucket List and Bingo. With this fun game, you will be able to challenge yourself by crossing off all the classics from your list of must-watch movies as you go along. 

Summer Movie Bucket List

Go on an epic movie adventure with the Summer Movie Bucket List. It’s a curated list of the hottest films for each new summer season. With this one-of-a-kind bucket list, you can get ahead of the buzz and discover all the must-watch movies that everyone's talking about.

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Be part of an exciting movie journey and relish in the great cinema with your friends, family, or even yourself – wherever you are!

Movie-Inspired Travel Bucket List

Travel the world in search of adventure and explore destinations that have been seen in some of your favorite films. With this Movie-Inspired Travel Bucket List, you'll never have ideas for where to go on your next vacation. You can experience movie magic without leaving home!

’90s Movies Bucket List & Bingo

Relive your 90s nostalgia with the 90s Movies Bucket List & Bingo! Whether you're a fan of comedies, romance films, or sci-fi thrillers, this unique gaming experience has something for everyone.

Get together with friends and family to tick off some of the most iconic films from the decade while competing to become the first to complete a line on your bingo card.

Top Films of All Time Bucket List

Top Films of All Time Bucket List is the perfect unique film lover's gift. Compiled by film critics, movie lovers, enthusiasts & fans.

From timeless classics to modern blockbusters & spanning famous directors including artistic foreign gems, award-winning animation plus a 1920s classic.

Best Films To Watch Bucket List

This scratch-off movie poster features a list of 100 top-rated films loved by fans and critics worldwide, from classic movie posters to modern blockbusters and award-winning animations.

Anime Bucket List

Ultimate Anime Bucket List – This anime poster features the top 100 anime shows that every otaku needs to watch. Use a coin to easily rub off the foil and reveal the iconic characters inside.

Horror Movies Scratch-Off Poster

Take a terrifying trip through horror-movie history with this spine-tingling scratch-off chart of blood-curdling classics! Can you make it through all 100?

Top 100 Kids Bucket List

A selection of the best movies of all time, taking into account several authoritative ratings. Each movie is marked with a colorfully painted icon.

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